How to tame a little kitten - a stray?

this morning a little kitten literally entered our house. We would like to keep him because he is clearly homeless. Skinny and dirty and he is very scared. How to tame it? So far, it does not come out from under the couch. We gave him food and water and a lot of peace ... but are there any ways to show him not to be afraid of us?
Thank you and best regards.

In such a situation, we must always remain calm and not do anything by force. A small cat that has separated itself from the rest of the litter and its mother can experience enormous stress. A little time, patience and good food at the beginning, and when a delicate play with a string with a piece of paper starts to come out of the closet, which should be short and end with a success for the cat, i.e. catching the "victim", should bring the expected result. The kitten has to get used to the new environment and start exploring the apartment on his own. If he is healthy, there should be no major problems and he should recover quickly. After it has solidified a bit, you will need to visit a veterinarian who will check it and tell you what to do next (vaccinations, dehydration, deworming, etc.) and in what order. Good luck and congratulations. Your cat chose you and that is always a reason to be pleased. Greetings.

Video: Taming a feral cat (July 2021).