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They say that the English Pointer is the best of the show dogs, be it for the perfection of its lines adapted for the tests, or for its qualities in the terrains, such as its speed, its resistance and its very keen sense of smell. Dogs of this breed may have a reputation for being somewhat rustic hunters, but when indoors the English Pointer is kind and well behaved. Protective, alert and extremely loyal, a well socialized English Pointer combines the best attributes of sports dogs and dogs that keep company inside the house. Gentle and playful with children, these dogs are also very trainable, intelligent and clean.


Despite being a dog that belongs to the continent, the English Pointer that dog is said to be English. There is a great diversity of opinions as to its origin, some say that this breed is French, others say that it is Italian and most say that its true origin is in Spain. It is believed that his ancestors were imported from Spain to Great Britain between 1705 and 1713 and that from then on they were improved by English hunters.

In Britain, the ancestors of the current English Pointer were crossed with several other dogs of the Foxhound, Greyhound, Setteers and Bloodhounds types. The result of all these crossings was the first real Pointer, a hunting dog that stops immediately when it finds its prey and "points" its direction.


THE English Pointer he has an extraordinary memory, as well as a great capacity for learning. Dogs of this breed are noble, obedient and often loving. In addition, the English Pointer is very faithful to its owner and gets along particularly well with children. This is a very energetic hunting dog and must always be on the move.

This is a classic hunting and sports dog, full of energy and that needs space to run, daily walks and constructive "tasks" to keep not only your body, but your mind in shape, as well. If you are a runner or a marathon runner, take your English Pointer with you - you will find that you will be tired long before your English Pointer.

It is important to remember that English Pointer breed dogs they cannot be too aggressive or too timid, two characteristics that exclude these dogs from the official breed standard.


The dogs of the English Pointer breed are harmonious, slender, elegant dogs and that convey a great impression of strength and flexibility. Both its hind limbs and its forelimbs are very muscular and with a strong bone structure. Its ears are thin and are set high and fall very close to the sides of its head. The tail of the English Pointer has a medium length, is thick at the base and gradually narrows. When they move, the tail must move sideways, following their movements. It has a thin, short, hard, smooth, shiny and elegant coat that can be lemon and white, orange and white, brown and white and black and white. In some cases dogs can also be unicolor or tricolor, always with the same variety of colors. The English Pointer's eyes are round, alert, bright and sweet, and they can be of different shades of brown, depending on the color of the dogs' coat.

The neck of these dogs is long, muscular and slightly arched, which goes down to their shoulders as narrow as their chest, which is wide enough just for their heart. The specimens of this breed have a strong back and a thick tail. Its stop is well defined and its snout is slightly tapered. Overall, the English Pointer it has an elegant and yet sporty appearance, with its graceful curves that give it an agile and yet aristocratic appearance.

Specific care

The care that an English Pointer needs is minimal. It is necessary to take into account that this dog is a very athletic hunter and that if he lives inside the house it is necessary to take him for long walks every day. Even though he can live indoors, this is not a dog that lives well in the city, he needs to discharge all his energies in the field.

It is also advisable to brush your English Pointer from time to time to prevent the accumulation of dead hair that can cause skin problems. Don't forget to check your ears regularly to prevent them from developing any kind of infection.


The English Pointer is a very strong dog and does not have many congenital problems. The most common is that he suffers from hip dysplasia. It is not very common, but some specimens can be affected by a rather rare disease called neurotropic osteoporosis. These dogs can live up to 14 years and can also suffer from skin allergies and epilepsy.

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