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Having a pet is one of life's great satisfactions. He is a faithful, lively companion and makes the whole house happy. But sometimes, an appointment can prevent you from taking care of your friend. And is it because of this possibility that you will not have a puppy and enjoy the joys that it provides? No! This is exactly where one of the most interesting ideas comes in: hotel for dogs.

Basically, you no longer need to ask someone to do the favor of taking care of your puppy during a trip. Hotels for dogs are spaces where you can leave them and make sure you are happy, safe and well taken care of. THE hotel for dogs is really very useful for their owners. Today, almost every average city has this service being offered.

But just leave my dog ​​there?

The establishment is called a hotel for dogs and maintains the conventions of a traditional hotel, you must call and make reservations, choose the type of accommodation and the services and care for your pet. The rooms are usually individual, with covered space and space for sunbathing. In addition to community spaces, for socializing and playing.

About reservations, it is necessary to know that there is also high and low season. Hotels start to sell out early in the Christmas and New Year period, holidays and public holidays. So make your reservation in advance. There are daily, weekly, monthly and weekend options. Thus, the package at these hotels is completely personalized, for the needs of your partner and the time you will be there.

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Duties for owners too

Most hotels in the sector ask your pet to undergo a veterinary consultation and require a series of precautions, such as up-to-date vaccination cards, the use of anti-flea measures and updated deworming. Check out the dog vaccines explained and check if your puppy is in good health.

Some hotels impose certain restrictions, such as age. Elderly dogs, over 12 years old, are sometimes not accepted, due to the extra care needed. Females in heat are also not accepted as a safety measure to prevent reproduction. Due to all these precautions, it is recommended to plan your dog's stay in any hotel in advance.

But is my dog ​​going to be locked up for a few days?

No. As for the accommodations, these hotels do not usually use cages, the animals are in spacious and individual environments, with a covered space and another open part, to allow a pleasant sunbath. Among the services offered by hotels for dogs, there are the functions of pet shop and walks and physical activity. In any case, ask to know the facilities and the list of services offered.

The hotel also serves as a residence for your dog

Some hotels offer residence for dogs in different situations, on weekdays or on weekends. Owners can show up at hotels to visit and play with their dog. It is an option for those who work hard and are almost never at home, for example.

Transport can be scheduled

Some hotels for dogs offer transportation, just schedule and the hotel will pick up your dog at home, with all the perks of having a driver. The service is sometimes restricted by time, traffic and temperature, for example, but everything can be scheduled in the best possible way.

Won't my puppy miss home?

For sure your dog will miss you, but hotels provide a cozy environment, your companion will play with other dogs and he will have a lot of fun. To make him feel more comfortable, you can bring food and toys that he is used to.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Nowadays, not only the specific establishments for animals receive pets, and with the great heating of this market in Brazil and in the world, more and more traditional hotels (for people) are accepting the lodging of pets together with their owners.

The vast majority of rules adopted by hotels for dogs and cats are also part of the traditional accommodation policies, and certificates of health, vaccine and deworming - among others - can be requested so that the owner of an animal can take your pet in the luggage.

Therefore, checking the specific rules of where you will be staying is a good request to avoid inconvenience and complications - allowing the owner of an animal to provide every type of certificate required and fit the specific rules of the hotel.

In addition, if your trip is to very distant locations, there is the possibility that it is necessary to issue a special certificate to allow the animal to be transported within the law. This special document is called International Animal Health Certificate, and proves the health of your pet by signing a veterinarian - being requested, in most cases - by air and road companies.

Returning to traditional hotels, there are many establishments that have specific spaces for the accommodation of dogs and cats while their owners are staying on site. Most of the time, these hotels have special kennels and catteries, in addition to common areas, where animals can interact and socialize.

However, today, there are already a number of hotels that allow a pet to be sheltered together with its owner, inside a private room. In order for this to be released, many establishments take into account both the size, and (mainly) the animal's behavior and obedience level - making sure that the pet's stay together with its owner does not create problems such as excessive noise and other types of discomfort for other guests of the place.

Farm hotels for dogs

In addition to the options described above, there is also the option of hosting your dog at a farm hotel for dogs. Although, at first, this concept may seem a little strange, this type of establishment can bring a number of advantages and benefits to the dogs that check in.

Highlighting wide and green areas, farm hotels they are the perfect place for your puppy to play, get in touch with nature and spend a lot of energy - multiplying the benefits of simple walks in the park or on the street, and considerably reducing the levels of stress, boredom and anxiety of the animal.

Many of these establishments accept accommodation for all types of animals - including horses and pigs - however, there are also those that specifically target dogs, promoting socialization and many games among dogs. Separated by size and level of aggression, dogs that stay in these places have their specific needs met; it is also possible that the owner of more than one dog can keep all his pets together on the spot.

In most of these types of hotels, it is also possible to hire specific services for your pet. To make life easier for owners who host your dogs, the establishments have bathing and grooming services - especially for animals that stay in place for longer periods of time - and even behavioral therapies.

In this type of therapy (betting on works such as music therapy, for example) the animal can decrease its levels of hyperactivity, anxiety and even depression; becoming more relaxed, less stressed and, consequently, healthier and happier. The practice of sports is also part of the routine of dogs staying at farm hotels and, with the help of trained monitors, your pet can train and become a champion of different types of canine sports, such as swimming and agility.

Another huge advantage of the farm hotels for dogs is the team present on the site, formed by veterinarians and different animal specialists. With this type of professional, these establishments not only guarantee the well-being and your pet's fun canine but also its physical integrity and health; since any type of problem that may arise will be promptly analyzed and resolved in the best way by the local veterinarian team.

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