Shoes for cats: learn more about this accessory

Although it is more common for dog owners to put shoes on their pets, some people who have cats also think about this possibility. However, cat shoes can hinder your movements, as felines don't like to feel trapped or limited.

Even pet clothes are not widely accepted by them and, therefore, are more suitable for puppies and old felines, who have difficulty retaining the heat. So, when it comes to thinking about buying shoes for cats, better assess whether the need is real.

When in doubt, consult a competent veterinarian who can give you an alternative or even attest to the use of footwear for cats. If the reason is because your cat is scratching the furniture, a tip is to cut your nails. There are specific scissors for this. The cut, however, requires some care, inform yourself.

Care when choosing cat shoes

If you decide to wear cat shoes, it is important to follow some fundamental recommendations, which generally apply equally to dog owners who want to put their pets on. Comfort at this time is the most important.

The first point is to check the size of the cat's shoes. If they are tightened, they will hurt; if they are larger than the animal's paw they will hinder its movement, which may even result in injuries to your pet, due to the friction with the tissue. The format is also important when choosing the accessory, the most suitable being an anatomical shoe, very flexible, light and ventilated.

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When to wear shoes for cats

If you decide to put your pet on it is important that you choose it only at the necessary times. If you walk your pet down the street, footwear can be a way to avoid contact with dirt on sidewalks, although few feline owners have the habit of going out with them. Unlike dogs, not all cats like walks.

Anyway, the shoes for cats they cannot remain in your pet for more than a few hours, otherwise the animal may contract health problems. This, in particular, because it is through the padding of the paws that they perspire.

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