Animal All Souls' Day

The Day of Remembrance of Dead Animals, or Animal All Souls, falls on the first Sunday in October. Francis - the patron saint of animals, whose funeral took place on October 4. Animal All Souls' Day is the time when we remember our animals, we thank them for allowing us to learn so much from each other, enriching our lives here so much; we believe that we will meet someday.

In many Polish cities, St. Francis, and thus - Animal All Souls' Day have been celebrated for several years with solemn masses for animals, to which each guardian can bring his pet and consecrate it after the mass.

There are also more and more animal cemeteries in Poland, where we can legally bury our little ones - not everyone has the opportunity to burial on their own plot or backyard garden. Such places are very much needed - most of us, carers, believe in the Rainbow Bridge, that our pupils do not go away forever. That is why this holiday is so important to us, in which we can reminisce, visit the grave of our beloved animals, light a candle ...

Those of us who do not have the graves of their dead pets often light candles at home or in virtual cemeteries - it does not matter where, it is important to remember and the possibility of reflection. On internet forums there are also places of remembrance that help us, guardians, to share our memories, remember and light a virtual candle.

Our portal also joins the celebration of Animal All Souls' Day, we invite you to the Memories Corner, share with us the memories of your Cats that have passed, so that on this special day we can remember our beloved friends / kacik-memories /

And you are celebrating Animal All Souls' Day? If so, in what way?

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