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Risks and dangers of hairball formation in cats

Hairball formation in cats is quite natural - nevertheless, it can harbor risks and dangers, which you as a cat owner can prevent by taking various measures. It is always dangerous when the cat picks up an unnaturally large amount of fur and the hairballs cannot be eliminated naturally. Long-haired cats, for example, may experience hair ball formation - Image: Shutterstock / DreamBig

If a cat swallows fur, over time it will develop into a ball of hair inside. It is very important that she excretes it after a while, because she cannot digest the fur. If the fur balls remain in the cat's stomach, they can lead to digestive problems in the long term and cause intestinal obstructions. Certain cats are particularly susceptible to such risks.

These factors create risks in hairball formation

If a healthy cat loses fur in the normal way, its owners need not worry about their health. It becomes more critical in the case of long-haired long-haired cats in the change of fur or in animals that lose an excessive amount of fur due to a lack of nutrients or a metabolic disease.

Sick cats, house tigers with eczema or parasites can also be prone to excessive hair loss. If their fur is itchy, they brush themselves more often and thus take in much more swallowed hair. The causes of the fur problem should in any case be clarified by a veterinarian as urgently as the necessary treatment options.

This is how you get your cat used to combing and brushing

Not only long-haired pedigree cats, but also house cats with short fur should occasionally ...

Risks for indoor cats

Domestic cats are more prone to problems caused by hairballs than free cats. On the one hand due to a lack of exercise or being overweight, on the other hand if there is no cat grass available because they need this in order to be able to choke out the hairballs more easily.

Sufficient care units with the brush, cat grass, malt paste or food supplements should, however, contain possible risks of hairball formation as much as possible. Even with special cat food or medication prescribed by a veterinarian, cats can be relieved of natural swallowed hair.