Happy dogs - Do you know what makes them really like that?

That every pet needs love, care and attention, this is known to everyone and the obligation of those who adopt it. But happy dogs want more than that, and the little pots of food and water are not always enough to heal this joy.

Being in the company of the people they like and, especially playing, already leaves the happy dogs. The tricks of fetching are their favorites, so throwing balls or other objects so that they bring and keep coming and going will always be your greatest fun. And this helps to tire them out, using up their energy supply, which will make them have a better sleep.

Speaking of which, respecting their moments of rest is another very important factor, as many of them get to sleep 17 hours a day. And while they are dreaming, if interrupted, they can discount who woke them up for what they were experiencing, such as a hunt or threat, for example. So avoid waking them up and, if necessary, do it carefully and very calmly.

Happy dogs are those well looked after

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From the moment the furry is part of the family and comes to be called a son, he gains the right to have the best treatment possible. That's why, happy dogs are those who have their routine of being taken for a walk, because that way they socialize with the other pets, create resistance, leave the home routine, get less stressed and stop barking so much, have fun and still stay in contact with your owner in a different environment, which is important to him.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of the relationship between the pet and its owner, educating and rewarding are also part of offering contentment to both, since one learns how to behave in the most diverse situations and still wins rations, toys or snacks in return (always remembering which must be specific to animals), while the other has a dog at home molded to what he wants as an ideal companion model.

And of course we cannot forget to say that cheerful dogs are those well treated, in which the people of the house spend a few hours during the week to bathe him, dry him, brush him (all following the rules not to make mistakes, cause damage to the pet and always using shampoo, conditioner and leave -in specials for dogs) and say that he looks beautiful, in addition to designating some moments to pet him, pamper him, leave him as the center of attention, even if it is even giving food in the mouth.

In addition, they love to be part of the routine, so take it in the car to places where you are going around, like dropping the kids off at the school door or something at the door of your friend's house. But remember: he must have his seat belt on!

The basics given with love also make dogs happy

The furry ones provide us with love in its purest form, without charging anything, just venerating the one or those that they chose as their owners. And it is from there that the obligation of people to make these beings so special begins happy dogs.

As was said at the beginning of the article, food and water are essential, but the way they are accounted for a lot. Choosing the right food for the type of pet, the breed, the needs and knowing how to dose it is a gesture of affection. And, for sure, this will make his health and quality of life much better. The same goes for water, which requires a container that is always well sanitized, so that fungi and bacteria do not proliferate and end up causing damage to the little animal. Consult a veterinarian and ask for all these health tips for your puppy's breed!

Scolding, always in a mild manner, is also part of making the happy dogs. After all, if it is for his good, why not scold him, so that next time he will do it right and earn the reward, being happy? And teaching is a way of showing attention and love. And in this same line of thought comes praise, which like people, furry people love to be recognized when they do something good.

Now that you know how to make your buddy happy, how about putting it into practice and making his day even better?

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