Love an adult cat

Are you considering taking a purr? Choose an adult! Such a cat has only advantages - its familiar character, knowledge of the litter box and human habits at home. It is also less damage at home, but a whole ocean of love.

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Everyone is delighted with the little kittens. The little ones find new homes easily. It is much more difficult for a few-year-olds. You have to mature to love an adult cat. Or get some basic knowledge:
It is not true that an adult cat will not get used to a new place.
It depends on the specific cat, but sooner (at the moment of entering a new home) or later (after a few days or weeks), an adult animal will find itself in a new environment, it will recognize it as its territory.

An adult cat is already brought up, it knows what the litter box is for, it does not hang on the curtains, it does not jump on its legs.

A cat's youth lasts longer than a few months or six months. And the six-month-old kittens are almost the size of an adult. The cat's youth is quite a few years - 4, 5, 6. At this age they still like to play, and are not intrusive.
The one-year-old cat is still a feline flapper. But he already knows his. He has often had a bad time - homelessness. He can be grateful for offering him his own place on earth - home.

These are the young adults who are looking for a new home after their ordeals.
They are about 1 year old. He's ginger, she's a biscuit. He was castrated, she was still a moment before sterilization (she had just finished feeding the young). Yes, they were already parents, the kittens went into good hands, they stayed. Nobody wanted them. They are not fluffy little balls. They need a human hand, warmth, patience - to trust the end and love this man. Currently - simply in the world - there is no one to take care of them. Hidden diamonds.
They are very close to each other, they sleep together, lick, play, hug. Therefore, it is best if they are adopted in a two-pack. Why break cat's hearts again ... They only have each other. Maybe you will give them a Home? Permanent or temporary. Because the matter is very urgent.

Contact regarding adoption and more info: Dorota
mail: [email protected], tel. 504-819-294
Love the ginger cat. Preferably two.

Video: Kitten Academy Live Stream (July 2021).