10 Smarter Dog Breeds in the World

That dogs are among the smartest animals in the world everyone already knows, however, there are some breeds that stand out in this regard. Even those who understand a lot about the canine world may be surprised by the ranking of smarter dogs, which includes some of the most popular and beloved breeds among pet owners.

Defined by writer Stanley Coren - author of the book The Intelligence of Dogs - the list of smarter dogs it was elaborated through interviews with judges of canine competitions, who observed specific items of behavior and obedience in different dogs. In order for the ranking to be composed, 133 different breeds were analyzed, which received scores from 1 to 79 to define their positions on the list.

The three main observation factors for the judges involved in the research were the animals' adaptation intelligence (assessing the ease of learning and problem solving), the instinctive intelligence and the obedience level of the dogs - graduated according to the specifications of defined points to compose the ranking.

Find out below a little more about the methodology used to define the list of smarter dogs, and find out which breeds are considered the smartest in the canine world.

Evaluation of the most intelligent dog breeds

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As we mentioned above, in order for the writer Stanley Coren to be able to compose the list of the most intelligent animals in the canine world, he had the help of several judges specialized in dog competitions who, based on the observation of certain questions, gave notes to the animals from 1 to 79, according to a specific table.

Divided into six scoring groups, this special graduation list highlights the main characteristics taken into account for the graduation of each race, as you can see below:

  • Score from 01 to 10

Fit dogs with greater work capacity and obedience, which already show signs of understanding and understanding of commands after just five repetitions. More than 90% of the animals that make up this group usually respond adequately to their owners' command on the first attempt; being that, when they do not, it is necessary to wait only a few seconds for it to obey the command, even if its owner is physically distant.

  • Grade 11 to 26

In this graduation group, the following very smart dogs and they need five to 15 repetitions to demonstrate some understanding. When receiving complicated commands, animals in this category may take a while to respond, but with practice this time can be greatly reduced. In 85% of the cases, animals graded between 11 and 26 points tend to react in the desired way already in the first order of the owner.

  • Grade 27 to 39

It brings together dogs that begin to assimilate simple commands after more than 15 attempts, starting to obey them without hesitation after an average of 20 repetitions. Although they do not respond as fast as those scored between 1 and 26, dogs in this category show above average intelligence and tend to retain teachings with ease - especially when they have training reinforcements - 70% of them tend to respond correctly. already in the first order of the owner.

  • Score 40 to 54

In order to satisfactorily obey their owners, dogs in this group need about 40 successful attempts, and in 50% of cases they are able to react according to commands determined. Dogs in this category tend to respond more slowly to their owners when compared to pets in the first groups, however, if trained properly, they can retain many actions and learn a lot.

  • Score 55 to 69

The learning capacity is reduced in dogs in this category, which require up to 80 repetitions so that a command can be answered in an appropriate manner. Even when trained, the animals in this graduation line can present difficulties of obedience, and only respond promptly to the orders of the owner in 30% of the cases - being that the owner must be, physically, very close to the animal, for this to happen; otherwise, the dog may ignore the command.

  • Score from 70 to 79

Holds the races considered less intelligent and more difficult to train, requiring up to one hundred repetitions to demonstrate signs of understanding and confidence in responding to the owner's commands. At least 40 attempts are required for the races in this group to begin to understand what is asked of them.

The most intelligent dog breeds

As explained above, the graduation criteria of the 133 breeds that participated in the assessment of the writer Stanley Corem gave rise to the list that highlights the most intelligent dogs in the world in terms of understanding, work and obedience. Check out the ranking of the smartest animals in the canine world below:

  • Border Collie

Very lively and friendly, the Border Collie is officially the most intelligent dog in the world. It is usually highlighted in canine competitions such as Agility, since its activity level is quite high - a factor that prevents it from having a good adaptation when living in apartments. He loves affection and constantly needs games and exercises; running the risk of becoming very unhappy when there is no encouragement from the owners.

  • Poodle

Taken as one of the favorite pets in Brazil, the Poodle has a great learning capacity, which makes the training of dogs of the breed quite easy and fast. It presents good results in different aspects in which it can be trained, being able to be a good companion, hunter and even guard dog.

Learn more about the Dwarf Poodle, the Toy Poodle, the Medium Poodle and the Standard Poodle.

  • German Shepherd

Quite courageous and protective of those closest to her, the German Shepherd is already known as a great watchdog, and is often used in police operations. Despite this, the breed handles extremely well with children, making it a good option for families. Always in search of tasks and adventures, the dog of the breed is obedient and very easy to learn, being a fan of actions that involve some kind of help to people.

  • Golden retriever

Considered among the most popular breeds in the world, the Golden Retriever is extremely docile, caring and smart. It has a great ease of learning and, in many cases, it is used as a guide dog for the visually impaired, due to its capacity - and it usually stands out a lot in competitions in the canine world.

  • Dobermann

Like the German Shepherd, Dobermann has plenty of energy and likes to protect people; being considered a great watchdog. Featured in Agility competitions, you need owners who encourage you to do activities and who know how to impose themselves, and can be a good companion for the whole family. He must be trained since he was a puppy and has good comprehension skills.

  • Shetland Shepherd

Also known as the Shetland Sheepdog, this Shepherd is very loyal and tends to defend his owners at any cost, and may not be very friendly with strangers. Quite smart and focused, he is considered to have a human intelligence by many, and needs constant physical and psychological stimuli to prevent him from getting bored or depressed.

  • Labrador Retriever

Popular for being very kind and playful, the Labrador is one of the best known and adored dogs by animal lovers. They can perform different complicated tasks, and it is not difficult to be trained to act as a guide, hunting or sniffer dog. They make a lot of mess in their environment when they feel bored, however, aggression is a practically non-existent characteristic in the breed's dogs - who deal very well with children and other animals.

  • Papillon

Very obedient, the Papillon hardly needs to be scolded more than once to absorb information, and it only loses to the Poodle in terms of intelligence of small breeds. Affectionate and protective, he tends to be very suspicious with the presence of strangers, however, he turns into pure love when he gets used to new people.

  • Rottweiler

As a great watchdog, the Rottweiler is very obedient and dedicated to its owners. He likes children and, since he was a little boy, he must be used to them; being a good companion for the whole family. Although he has a reputation for being aggressive, he has a quiet personality, in most cases, and is extremely faithful.

  • Australian Cattle Dog

Protective and with great understanding, the Australian Cattle Dog is the tenth smartest dog on the list, and is used in working with herds by many farmers. Your physique and your mind must be constantly stimulated, otherwise you can become stressed. Because he is very loyal, he tends to be very suspicious of strangers, but he hardly gets aggressive.

And then? What is your favorite intelligent breed? Do you think we left any out? Respond in the comments!

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