Seat belt for animals - Protecting your pet

It doesn't matter if your pet is a dog or a cat, probably one of the most anticipated moments for them is a ride in their owners' car. Despite this, the vast majority of pet owners do not use and do not really understand why pet safety belts are so necessary.

The vast majority of people who do not use the seat belt for animals states that your dog or cat does not like being stuck in the car, or that it is going to be a short trip and that they are safe loose in the car - which is not true, since sometimes no matter how well the person drives, several external factors can threaten the well being of both the pet and its owner - such as sudden braking or emergency maneuvers, which can end up throwing your pet even out of the car - and, in addition, with the animal loose inside the car, the driver often turns his attention to what the animal is doing, which can end up causing accidents.

What many drivers do not know is that there is legislation in the Brazilian Traffic Code - the CBT - that regulates how animals should be transported in vehicles and, although it does not mention the seat belt as a requirement, it is highly recommended, in addition to preventing the driver from being fined for disobeying these rules, which are cited below:

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Article 169 - Driving without attention or without the necessary safety precautions. Fine of R $ 53.20 and three points in the portfolio.

Article 235 - Drive people, animals or cargo on the outside of the vehicle, except in duly authorized cases. Serious infraction with a fine of R $ 127.69 and five points in the portfolio.

Article 252 - Drive the vehicle with people, animals or luggage on your left or between your arms and legs. Fine of R $ 86.13 and four points.

How does the seat belt work?

THE seat belt for animals it is basically a chest collar, which has an adapter that allows it to be attached to the seat belt fitting. This way the dog gets stuck in the seat, managing to move enough to be able to lie down and sit as comfortable as possible, but it is also safe not to be thrown out of windows, against parts of the car or against people in the event of an accident.

This model of seat belt is more used for dogs, which are more accustomed to using this type of collars - which does not prevent it from being used by cats, as long as they are accustomed to wearing collars and are not too skittish in this way. Of car.

Therefore, for cat owners, the most recommended is that they be transported in cat transport boxes that respect the cat's basic needs - it must be large enough for the cat to be able to stand and turn around inside the house - and then she gets stuck with the seat belt, ensuring the safety of the pussy.

THE seat belt for animals it can be found in most pet stores in the country and its price usually varies depending on the size of the animal.

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