"My Dog and Cat" magazine is now on sale! Together with it - ekstraetui for the smartphone

From today, in the Biedronka chain stores you can find a new issue of the magazine "My Dog and Cat", and with it - extra for your smartphone.

  • "My Dog and Cat" magazine

We have added an extra smartphone to this number, which will protect your phone when it falls and give it a unique look.

The gadget is available in one color version - red. However, neither dog lovers nor cat lovers will be disappointed, because two variants are available - with a dog and a cat. The phone case is flexible, which is why it fits perfectly to any phone model.

Traditionally, the magazine has also been accompanied by posters - with a dog and a cat side, which will wonderfully enliven the space above the desk or bed.

Ekstraetui for smartphone

In the new issue of the magazine "My Dog and Cat" you can read about cats ...

  • Why is the cat scratching?
  • We debunk 12 myths about purrs!
  • What to feed the cat?

But also about dogs ...

  • We go to the vet, or how to reduce stress on a pet
  • How to train your dog from chasing?
  • From the hair you can read a lot about… diseases

Additionally, in the magazine there is a crossword puzzle (with attractive prizes for dogs and cats), an interview with Tomasz Niecik, dogs for adoption, cats for adoption and much more!

Look in Biedronki!

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