Dog walk - Special care on hot days

Dogs do not have sweat glands to release heat and they perspire through salivation. Their temperature takes longer to decrease and therefore we need to be very attentive so that the walk with dog it is rather a diversion and not a cause for further concern.

Go for a walk on a hot day and notice how many dogs seem to be suffering during a time that should be pleasant for them. We know that our friends at heart need to exercise, but when the temperature is higher, it needs to be done even more carefully.

Tips for planning the walk with your dog

  • It is more recommended that the tour be done before 10am or after 4pm when the sun is not so strong;
  • If you put the muzzle on the dog when you go out with him, choose the most comfortable one, that doesn't tighten it too much;
  • Dogs also need sun protection. There are some specific products for pets and some people use the same as for them. Especially albino dogs, with white hair, light or bare skin, need protection. Ears, muzzle and paws require greater care;
  • Darker-haired dogs absorb heat much faster;
  • The excess of hair makes the temperature of the dog higher, in warmer seasons it is better to opt for a shorter grooming. Your friend's health must be more important than aesthetics;
  • If it is very hot and you can only go out during very hot hours, look for exercise alternatives at home or opt for a dog walker.

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Knowing the precautions to be taken, it is time to leave. What to watch out for during the walk with dog?

  • Make sure the dog is hydrated and water is available to keep him cool;
  • Choose a cool place, with shadows to rest;
  • Very hot ground can hurt your paws;
  • When the dog's temperature gets too high he has more time with his mouth open and his breathing is more labored. Realizing these signs, go with him to the shade and give water;
  • If he is still panting, a fan or air-conditioned room can help;
  • If the dog has a very high temperature, do not put him in cold water, try to decrease the temperature gradually, drastic decrease can be fatal.

With all the care taken and the attention doubled. are you ready to make the walk with dog An habit. This brings health to your partner and also to you.

Advantages of walking the dog

  • You and your dog spend more time together, become more friends and still exercise;
  • The dog socializes with other dogs and other people and this can change even the way he will receive his visits, because a dog used to interact with people becomes much more calm and receptive to them;
  • When exercising, the dog expends a lot of energy and this makes it neither agitated nor stressed when it is at home;
  • Your dog will always want to walk, this can also be a stimulus for you to exercise;
  • If you have more than one dog, when you walk them together, they become more friends and this reduces the risk of fights between them at home;

Extra tips for walking your dog

  • Hygiene is essential, citizenship is the watchword, so remember to take a bag to collect the poop;
  • Do not walk with the dog loose, without a leash, it can be dangerous. The collar must be in accordance with the dog;
  • In order for your dog not to pull you by the collar, he needs to know that you are the guide. If he pulls, stop for a while and walk in a zigzag pattern. Playing with the dog a little before leaving the house does not make him so agitated, but without expending a lot of energy so that he does not tire before the walk;
  • All dogs need to exercise, but each breed at its own pace. Visit our Breeds Guide, learn more about your pet and have a nice walk!

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