Fluffy smooch balls: a spitz rarely comes alone

Woolly, fluffy, for cuddling: baby lace looks like little cotton balls and is particularly charming when it does the cuddly things like the baby dogs in these videos. Curtain up for the cute mini dogs!

1. Swimming training with a little spitz

Dog 1 thinks: Before you go for a really big walk with masters into the wide world, you should be prepared for every situation. This includes preparation with a little swim training. So that the fluffy fur does not get wet, you should do the exercises in a dry place. Here's how it works:

2. Mini-Spitz plays with mini-tennis balls

The clumsy, cuddly spitz starts small when it comes to living out his play instinct. A few mini tennis balls are perfect for this, because the real ones are still too big for such a small dog. The cute little one is still a long way from chasing the ball in the park, but it seems to be so much fun!

3. Puppy Chubbi wants pizza

Little Chubbi shows off her sweetest side in several YouTube videos and seems to discover her new favorite dish in this video: Pizza! To her grief she doesn't get any, but afterwards she plays nicely for comfort. How sweet!