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The world of medicine geared towards animals has more and more technologies and innovations regarding veterinary equipment, making it possible for the diagnosis and treatment of animals with the most varied types of disease to receive the care they need and deserve.

Counting on a series of companies totally dedicated to the development and production of veterinary equipment, today's market already highlights great competitiveness; and that it should grow even more - bearing in mind that the range of quality products is also constantly increasing, requiring that the sector's endeavors strive to remain at the top of the animal market.

In addition to products and tools aimed at the world of veterinary medicine and for enterprises such as clinics and hospitals in the field, the current market also has a wide variety of companies with products aimed at those working in other segments of the veterinary - benefiting more and more business like pet stores; who can now also find it easier, simpler and more agile to work with the help of technological tools that greatly facilitate the day-to-day and routine of such a company.

Fortunately, in addition to the large companies in this segment, the market is beginning to gain more and more veterinary equipment suppliers for specific areas of medicine or the service sector - allowing, with very little effort, anyone who wants to open a business in the pet market has access to the tools necessary to set up a successful venture.

It is even difficult for some professionals to imagine that, not even two decades ago, the vast majority of equipment and instruments used in veterinary medicine - in all types of area of ​​activity - were pieces already used obtained from human medicine, and which were adapted for meet the needs of veterinarians.

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While, these days, surgical equipment and instruments, specific materials for setting up laboratories, all kinds of support and service equipment for pet clinics and hospitals, for example; are already part of the product list of a good part of the companies that work in this environment - offering, in a segmented way, everything that an animal health professional (or entrepreneur in the veterinary branch) needs to offer a first quality service and that goes from meeting the expectations of its clientele.

In addition to allowing the execution of more specific and higher quality services, the specific production of this type of equipment also gives the chance for veterinary professionals to carry out their work in a faster, more practical and more accurate way; since they no longer have the need to waste time on adaptations of any kind or look for new ways to carry out procedures due to the lack of adequate instruments for this.

Check out, in this article, what are the main veterinary equipment needed by each specific segment, and stay on top of the tools that can help your business and your work to grow.

Veterinary equipment and the segments of animal health

As explained earlier, veterinary equipment is plentiful and varies according to each specialty; therefore, there are specific materials for the most diverse areas and functions, including equipment for surgical centers and the administration of anesthesia, orthopedic, ophthalmological, for laboratories, for clinics or hospitals, for emergencies, for clinical veterinarians, for reproduction procedures, imaging exams, etc.

Check out, below, some of the main and most fundamental veterinary equipment separated by type of activity:

Surgical Centers

  • Adjustable operating table
  • Surgical trough
  • Cirurgic focus
  • Surgical auxiliary light
  • Surgical aspirators
  • Veterinary anesthesia machine
  • Digital oximeter
  • Electronic scalpel
  • Defibrillator
  • Veterinary multi-parameter monitor
  • Infusion bomb
  • Hajek's Hammer
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Apnea Monitor
  • Auxiliary trolley
  • Dressing trolley
  • IV stand
  • Various surgical instruments - Hooks - Farabeuf retractors - Tweezers - Needle holders - Biopsy punch - Scissors - Suture threads - Cases - Trays - Scalpel handles - Scalpel blades - Needles, threads and saws

- Autoclave - Sterilization oven - Surgical paper

Diagnostic Centers

  • Ultrasound machine
  • X-ray machine
  • Strip tester
  • Electrocardiograph
  • CT scanner
  • MRI machine
  • X-ray viewer
  • Ultrasound trough or x-ray


  • Microscope
  • Stereomicroscope
  • Stereoscope
  • Tube shaker
  • Hot plate
  • Sterilization drying oven
  • Microprocessed Greenhouse
  • Centrifugal macro
  • Autoclave
  • Precision balance
  • Heating Table
  • Pipettes
  • Sterilization sealer
  • Micropipette
  • PHmetro
  • Centrifuge
  • Disposables in general
    - Needles
    - Volumetric flask
    - Flat-bottomed flask
    - Protective goggles
    - Latex gloves
    - Petri dish
    - Water Bath
    - Distiller
    - Low shape beaker
    - Tray
    - Burette
    - Cell culture plate
    - Hollow plate
    - Tips
    - Tips without filter
    - Syringes
    - Falcon tube for centrifugation
    - Pipe rack
    - Microscope slides


  • Attendance table
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Stethoscope
  • Clinical flashlight
  • Veterinary needles
  • Light sources
  • Infusion sets
  • Foley probe
  • Gastric tube
  • Nasogastric tube
  • Urethral tube
  • Uterine probe
  • Otoscope
  • Thermometer
  • Syringe pistol
  • Cutimeter with handle
  • Veterinary ultrasound
  • Portable X-ray


  • Dental office
  • Light curing
  • Apical lever for roots
  • Heidbrink lever
  • Seldin lever
  • Autoclave
  • Dental compressor
  • Water distiller
  • Boticão
  • Electric actuator for taps
  • Mirror Cable
  • Dental mirror
  • Tartar ultrasound
  • Dental engine
  • Toothbrush


  • Orthopedic retractor
  • Wolkman retractor
  • Ligament surgery needle
  • Drill Aligner
  • Plate box
  • Complete orthopedic box
  • Hex wrench
  • Cizalha
  • Pin cutter
  • Fracture distractor
  • Periosteum elevator
  • Countersink
  • Femoral head extractor
  • Rush pin puller
  • Rush pin impactor
  • File for patella
  • Male thread
  • Stainless steel hammer
  • Rubber hammer
  • Steel wires
  • Nylon threads
  • External fixation system
  • Chisel
  • Orthopedic drill
  • Gouge
  • Bone drilling guide
  • Intramedullary nail
  • Guide to plates
  • Osteotome
  • Screws (spongy, cortical, locked)
  • Threads for cerclage
  • Manual punch
  • Reduction forceps
  • Tweezers (verbruguer, for condyle, lowmann, Lane)
  • Pins (intramedullary, by schanz)
  • Acetabular plate
  • Plate locked
  • Reconstruction plate
  • Hybrid plate
  • Pin Presser
  • Graduated ruler
  • Bone trephine

Consumables in general

  • Suture needle
  • Catgut
  • Nylon wire
  • Surgical gloves
  • Disposable syringes

Equipment for pet care companies

With regard to non-medical care for pets, the market that operates in the manufacture of specific veterinary equipment also brings many facilities and benefits to companies in the sector - which can use much more practical tools and which facilitate the service of companies.

In addition to allowing jobs to be done more quickly and, consequently, greater demand to be met; you world pet equipment they also provide the opportunity for companies in this industry (such as pet shops, for example) to offer higher quality services - which greatly facilitates the process of winning and retaining customers.

Check out, below, some of the equipment available on the market that most assist in the day-to-day endeavors focused on the hygiene and beauty of dogs and cats:

  • Stainless steel kennels
  • Stainless steel catteries
  • Bathtubs
  • Grooming blowers
  • Table or pedestal blowers
  • Dryers
  • Grooming table
  • Hydraulic grooming table
  • Stainless steel or fiber bathtubs
  • Giraffe for grooming tables
  • Bath guide with suction cup
  • Shearing guides
  • Grooming machines
  • Blades of different sizes for grooming machine
  • Adapter combs for grooming machines
  • Aid or grooming scissors
  • Canine Coat Dryers
  • Hair stripper
  • Pliers for cutting nails of dogs and cats
  • Crawler excavators
  • Combs and brushes
  • Toothbrush
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