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Pekingese Token

The legend says that the Pekingese was born from the romance between a lion and a monkey. The king of the jungle fell in love with a monkey and sacrificed his size and strength for his love. Thus was born the Pekingese, who inherited his father's courage, nobility and pride, and his mother's size, intelligence and sweetness.

SourceOn the Pekingese, the first Korean documentation, recorded 4,000 years ago, was found. In the 8th century it was known as the whim of China's imperial family. And for many years, this dog was the privilege of the Chinese nobles and the official dog of Buddhism. Pekingese implementation in the West occurred in the mid-19th century with imports from Britain.


The Pekingese is independent, dignified, refined, sometimes even arrogant and thinks he can do whatever he wants. With strangers he is indifferent, but with the owner he is attached and attentive.
And he hates physical exercise.


The Pekingese dog is small, compact and heavy. The front of your body is very large and wide, and the back is more normal and quite narrow. The head is relatively large in relation to the body. The ears are small, close to the head, and have a sort of fringe that mixes with the rest of the coat. The hair is thick, long, straight and a little rough.

Specific care

Pekingese is difficult to educate, compliments and compliments, not orders. You need a balanced diet to avoid obesity.
Because of its long hair, it requires care. Hair care must start early and are more demanding when adult hair appears. Brushing the hair requires a few hours a week, but does not need any special cuts or hairstyles.


Most of the health problems of the Pekingese dog are due to its structure, it is prone to problems of kidney stones and degeneration of the discs that are between the vertebrae. The most common problems are eye problems, from diseases such as juvenile cataracts to irritation due to hair, dystachiasis, progressive atrophy of the retina and "dry eye".

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