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Currently, there are very few people who share their life with Petit Brabançon. The Belgian Griffon, his brother and the Brussels Griffon, also his brother, are two breeds or varieties that are much more fashionable than they are.


THE Petit Brabançon, the Brussels Griffon and the Belgian Griffon have the same origin. These three puppies came from the small rat-hunting dogs that roamed the European stables. These little dogs got rid of the rats, kept the house and were good companion dogs in addition to costing little to keep. In Belgium they were being highly valued in the 19th century and the Belgians took care of improving these stable griffons from crosses with foreign breeds (such as the Pug and the King Charles Spaniel). Although the three are considered to be three varieties of the same breed, the Petit Brabançon looks almost like a distinct breed.

The short hair of this variety is due in large part to the cross between these dogs and the Pug, which also has short hair. At first this variety was called Griffon Brabançon, to demonstrate its kinship with the other two, but despite that and over time, when the breed spread across Europe it was called Petit Brabançon, which ended up becoming the official name of the breed. Some stories tell that these dogs sometimes traveled in the carriages with the coachmen and that thanks to their frowning expressions they became popular with the ladies of the society, in addition to the coachmen, of course, who already appreciated the breed for guarding their carriages.


The little one Petit Brabançon he is an observant, curious, awkward and playful dog, and exactly for that reason he gets along extremely well with children, as long as they do not treat him like a puppet. It is a dog that is always ready and easy to be polite, besides being very affectionate, calm and that feels a great attachment to his family. Some specimens of this breed can be noisy, but this is probably explained by having something making them nervous or even loneliness. They are very intelligent, well balanced and proud, always very alert for games or anything that is different enough to get your attention, always vigilant. Furthermore, this breed is not usually aggressive or shy with strangers.


A Petit Brabançon dog has a small, robust body. Its head is wide and round and its small ears in the shape of a triangle fall forward, well separated from each other, and can be cut (in this case they must be pointed and erect), in countries where aesthetic surgery practices are allowed.

Their eyes are black, very large, round, prominent and quite separated from each other and it is good that their white area is not visible. This dog's coat is short and reddish or black in color and fire, rough to the touch, shiny and flat, having a maximum of 2 cm in length.

While his Griffons brothers have hard hair (and are distinguished only by color) Petit Brabançon is the brother with the short hair. Its coat can be of reddish, black and brown tones, white spots on the chest are accepted, but are not desired.

The Petit Brabançon has a good bone structure and its body has a square shape, yet its size is elegant, drawing attention wherever it goes by its physiognomy and almost human expressions. Its head is the most characteristic part, being quite large, mainly in relation to its body, which is almost equal in length to the height of its withers.

The Petit Brabançon's chest is wide, with a well-defined exterior, which makes its chest a little protruding when viewed in profile. His ribs are well sprung, but not in an exaggerated way that makes him look barrel-like and not too flat. Its tail is carried and inserted high, being able to be cut or not; if it is cut, 2/3 of its length must be removed; if it is kept in its original form, it must be carried upright, with the tip turned towards your back, but without touching them. Its tail cannot spiral or touch its back, these characteristics are considered serious faults for this breed, as well as a tail that is naturally short, curled or that has been broken are also not accepted.

Specific care

Because it is a very small dog, the Petit Brabançon he adapts well to life at home, but he needs and thanks his owners if he can go for walks in the countryside with complete freedom. If they are not well educated they can become disobedient and develop bad habits.


The Petit Brabançon does not have any breed-specific health problems, but it is important to pay attention to its large, bulging eyes, as they are prone to injury.

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