Large and Small Dog Houses

In the same way that people feel the need for their own space, dogs are also animals that like to play, and that is the function of dog houses. In addition, more than the idea of ​​a corner of your own, the dog houses also serve as protection for the dog, even if he is a strong and guard dog.

Dogs are animals that seek shelter - the greatest proof of this is that, in the absence of a doghouse, they always try to shelter under tables, sofas, or any other place that offers a roof. In addition to trying to protect themselves from the cold and rain, dog houses are sought after by pets when they are feeling fear or pain.

The ideal size of the doghouse

Contrary to what happens with us, dogs do not prefer very spacious houses and places. In fact, the narrower it is, the greater the sense of protection the dog will have inside your home. The right measure of the dog's house can be defined as follows: the dog must be able to stand on all four legs and walk around the body inside the house.

Ecobicho, the ecological house for dogs

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In times where sustainability is the watchword, nothing better than embracing the idea and making even your puppy part of the cause. Ecobicho is a disposable dog house, which can be made of cardboard, or other recycled materials, and is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs.

Due to its durability being less than that of a conventional house, ecobicho can also be a good option in case the dog is still growing and the owner does not want to invest in a house that soon will no longer be able to house his dog. .

The ideal place to leave the dog houses

If your puppy stays all the time or, at least, most of the time, in the outside areas of the house, it is ideal that his house is where there is the greatest movement of people, such as where they pass to enter or leave the house. They, in addition to being protected from wind and rain (hint: a support under the house prevents it from becoming damp), also need to allow the dog to be close to its owner. Also read about responsible dog ownership.

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