Bath and Grooming - How to open a pet business?

Most people who love pets have thought about working in a pet shop or with a bath and grooming. It happens that there are those who take this will seriously and want to work taking care of the beauty and hygiene of the animals.

If you are one of those people, don't pull your hair out without knowing where to start! We have prepared for you some valuable tips on how to open a shower and grooming well planned and prepared for any furry customer!

Practice a lot before doing

The first thing to do when you want to working with bathing and grooming animals is to learn to bathe and shear animals. It may seem like silly and obvious advice, but there are some who really think they can open a bath and groom because they can bathe their dog.

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Much more than just knowing how to shampoo and trim hair, a good bath and grooming professional knows every type of breed and trait that a dog or cat can have (yes, you bathe and groom cats too!). And that doesn't just say about hair types, but personality types. Each breed and each dog is in different ways, and it is the professional's role to know how to deal with different situations, which can range from hyperactive dogs to the most frightened.

The ideal is that there is a lot of training and a lot of living with different animals before you start investing in your own bath and grooming. Only living and dealing with animals every day is it possible to know if it is worth investing in this business as an owner, or if it is better to work together with other people.

Infrastructure is the basics for any business

Before opening any business, the first thing to do is decide where it will be opened. For a bathing and grooming establishment it is no different. The first thing to consider is where it will be installed. There are several types of places where it is possible to make a shower and grooming, whether in rented rooms, in your own home, or even in a mobile establishment, such as a trailer.

When deciding where your bath and grooming is going to be installed, the next step is to know all the legal means necessary to register it and put it into operation. Not all types of establishments have an equal record, so it is good to find out before doing any business, to find out if it is ideal.

When everything is ready, it is time to analyze all the electrical and hydraulic parts of the place, to know if it is necessary to do any reform before installing furniture and electronics. It is good to put a standard deviation in the expenditure planning schedule for possible unforeseen events. If it is necessary to make certain expenditures on utensils at first because something was more expensive than you think, it is important to have all of this in the plan, so as not to happen unexpected complications.

All ready? Let's go to the initial purchases!

With the spending target in hand, it's time to research everything that will be purchased, from furniture to the most basic utensils. It is important to start with the most basic and most expensive, so that if money is lacking for the cheapest things, it is easier to get than for what is much more expensive.

Certainly the main expense will be on more durable goods, such as equipment and furniture. The ideal is to choose good quality equipment and furniture from the start and that will last a long time with you, as this will avoid more expenses in a short period of time due to the poor quality of the tram, or even because it does not to have some function that, at first, was thought not to be necessary, but then it was needed.

Three electric bath and grooming equipment essential: blower, dryer and grooming machine. The blower is the pre-drying equipment, which removes all the bulk of the water from the animal's fur, facilitating drying. It is ideal that both the blower and the dryer have good capacity and various speeds and temperatures, to adapt to all hair needs and seasons.

The grooming machine, on the other hand, must be thoroughly analyzed before being purchased, as it must have a shape that provides good ergonomics. The groomer's hands must adapt perfectly to it, as well as the posture must be comfortable, as he will spend a lot of time on it. Another important thing is that the machine has the possibility of changing blades for various dimensions, as it is ideal for a good groomer to have several blades available for a more efficient grooming.

About bath and grooming furniture, it is important that the owner is clear in his standards that the more adaptable the furniture is, the better. The bathtub and grooming table must be large, ideal for the largest and smallest dogs and cats, and especially very resistant to any activity that the animal is going to do, as not everyone behaves to bathe.

Regarding the grooming table, even, observe the dimensions of your location to find out if a fixed table or a folding table would be ideal. It would be good if the bathtub had the shower for the bath, it is a job unless the owner would have to adapt the shower in a good position in the bathtub. And something really important are transport boxes or cages for animals to stay in while they don't bathe and then while they wait for their owners to fetch it. They must be extremely comfortable and clean, as both dogs and cats do not like being trapped in a place with a strong smell from another animal, this causes stress.

Regarding the instruments for bathing and grooming of daily use, it is important that you test how they adapt to your hands and how they work. Scissors and combs must be of good quality and according to the possible animals you will receive. Crawlers and brushes, for example, are not all the same, each one has a design style for each type of fur, from the most sensitive to the thickest and double.

More delicate objects such as nail clippers or ear cleaners must also adapt to different types of sizes, and be resistant and easy to clean. Never forget to always have spare utensils to be able to use when you don't have time to sanitize used ones. And another good tip is to have extra collars and guides in case you need more control over the dog.

Spending happens all year round

Leaving the part of fixed purchases of bath and grooming, there are the expenses with frequent replacements. Even if the objects that were mentioned are replaceable at some point, there are expenses that the owner of the establishment has to make from time to time (either weekly or monthly). Among them are products used in dogs and food supplies for behavior control.

Shampoo, conditioner, cologne, bow and tie, talcum powder, all that and a little more to decorate and make the animals smell good is a frequent expense within a place to bathe and clip animals. Owners like to receive their pets well cared for and smelling, so the products must be of good quality, even to avoid any toxic component that can cause energy and headaches for the owner of the place.

In this regard, remember to never use a product that is not for veterinary use on an animal. The pet's body works and reacts to chemicals in a completely different way from our body, so giving perfume to humans, or even neutral shampoo for babies can be harmful and even intoxicate the pet. Always be very careful with the origin of all used products. In addition, also consider the owner's will; if he asks you not to use cologne or put a bow on your pet, make sure that this will be respected.

Finally, and this enters the part where the professional understands canine psychology and training, there is the extra expense with food and toys. As much as it is not the obligation of any shower and grooming to offer this type of supply, it is good that they are available, in case it is necessary to give to an animal that is making a lot of mess or without confidence. Little toys are ideal to distract that puppy that doesn't stop crying, or the frightened dog that only knows how to bark and is stressing others.

Try to keep the pet as relaxed as possible, as the whole situation may not always be pleasant for him. In addition, owners who perceive that their pet has been well cared for and fed are potential loyal customers for their business.

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