Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Beginners

I've always had an interest in aquariums, aquaponics, and interconnected farming systems. I'd love to share with you the info I've learned.

An aquarium can completely transform a room. Saltwater fish are trendy because of the many species and colors available.

They are also far more challenging to maintain, but that’s exactly the point for many people. With the challenge comes an unprecedented sense of accomplishment. Of course, it’d behoove you to know about the species that are a bit easier to look after than others. You will find more details about the best saltwater aquarium fish below, assembled with all the beginners in mind.


Firefish are found in many aquariums all over the US for the many fantastic colors and the uniquely shaped body. The fish are also fun to play with and are a great addition to any saltwater tank. The firefish is also known as the fire dartfish, fire goby, firefish goby, and its scientific name Nemateleotris magnifica.

This species doesn't need a lot of care, and it's a peaceful fish that likes to hide from sight. It grows up to 3 inches and requires a tank of at least 20 gallons.


You've probably seen tangs in most saltwater aquariums everywhere. These are bright yellow fish with an attitude. Tangs are very aggressive towards other tangs, and they tend to fight each other until only one is left. However, they’re effortless to manage and friendly to other fish species.

They need a 100-gallon tank to have enough room to swim around. Even though most tangs are yellow, they come in many different sizes and colors. No matter your choice, they will look fantastic in your saltwater aquarium.

Watchman Goby

The watchman goby should be high on your list of species. To begin with, it eats pretty much any kind of food and is easy to find in any pet store. They are popular because they do well with other species of fish, and they look pretty cool too. If you want to get more than one, make sure to keep them in separate tanks, or they will fight each other to death.

Chalk Bass

Chalk bass is a small, peaceful fish species from the Serranidae family. It likes to hide in caves and under large rocks, but it's not aggressive toward other fish, including their own kind, as long as you add them to the aquarium at the same time. However, they are known to jump out of the aquarium in the beginning, so you'll need to keep a tight lid on until they get accustomed to their new home.

Klein's Butterflyfish

Butterflyfish are usually hard to look after because they need extra care, but Klein's butterflyfish is an exception to the rule. You will need a tank of at least 120 gallons because the fish needs space to thrive. It grows up to 6 inches, and it likes to hide under rocks and growth. It's a peaceful fish that gets along even with its own species, but only if you put them in the tank at the same time.


The damselfish is another species that can live in smaller 30-gallon tanks. They are a little aggressive, but they won't attack other fish if you provide them with enough hiding spots. They like to do their own thing and run to cover for safety. Damselfish come in many different colors, most of which can keep you glued to the aquarium for hours.

Coral Beauty or Flame Angelfish

There are many angelfish species, but the coral beauty and the flame angel are tied as one of the easiest to care for. The colors of these fish are amazing. The coral beauty has a deep blue body and head and yellow highlights that can sometimes appear orange. The flame angel has an orange body that seems to glow at times with dark stripes. They are beautiful fish for any tank, and it's also peaceful species and doesn't attack other fish. These fish eat algae, and they need at least 70 gallons of water to be happy.


You might know the clownfish from the animated movie Finding Nemo. It's a very recognizable species with black, red, yellow or white striping on its body. It not only looks amazing, but this fish is also straightforward to care for, though they can be a little expensive. However, the clownfish is a fantastic addition to any aquarium. You can feed it with pellets or frozen brine shrimp, so you won't have to spend extra money on food.

Black Molly

Mollies are a species with rare capabilities. Namely, they can survive in both fresh and saltwater. Black mollies are entirely black and have short fins. Males have a pointy anal fin and bigger dorsal fins while females have a pregnancy spot. They need a smaller 30-gallon tank with plants and a good filtration system to survive because they produce a lot of waste. Female fish give birth every 60 to 70 days on average, and the species is very peaceful.

Blue/Green Chromis

Also known as Chromis viridis, Chromis is a very popular species of fish amongst reef aquarists. It's a pretty fish with beautiful colors and a distinctive dorsal fin that turns from blue to green on the underside. It has a very peaceful nature and perfectly complements other fish. In the wild, Chromis lives in small schools so they will look great in your aquarium.

Flame Hawkfish

You need a flame hawkfish if you want a species that really stands out in the crowd. It has a red body with dark combinations around the eyes and dorsal fin. It's not aggressive toward most saltwater fish, but it doesn't like bottom-dwelling fish like gobies. They spend most of the time waiting for prey, so you'll need plenty of cover in the tank.

Make Your First Tank Special

It doesn't take much effort to set up your first saltwater aquarium, but only if you know which fish species to put together. There are thousands of saltwater tank fish to choose from, so it's easy to get things mixed up, especially if you’re a beginner. Most of the species listed above are beautiful and peaceful so they can live in harmony and give you a colorful tank that will impress your friends and family.

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The Saltwater Fish Guide

Welcome to our Saltwater Fish guide.

Here we profile some of the world’s most popular freshwater fish species, such as the Watchman Goby, Butterfly Fish, Chalk Bass and more.

If you run a saltwater aquarium, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for bringing it to life!

Browse our latest saltwater fish profiles below.

Best Aquarium Fish for beginners

What do you think is the best aquarium fish for beginners? AND WHY?! Let us know in the comments!

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Pet Fish That Are Easy to Care For, Best Aquarium Fish for beginners.

Things You Need To Learn About Family Pet Fish

Blackworms, salt water shrimp, and wingless fruit flies are the very best alternative. Koi fish are popular for fish enthusiasts all around the world. On the upside piranhas do not special water conditions and in aquariums they do not reproduce.

Best Aquarium Fish for beginners, Enjoy top updated videos related to Pet Fish That Are Easy to Care For.

Fish Oil Omega 3 For Pups Will Enhance Your Dog’S Health And Well Being

A bigger tank will lower the stress levels of your family pet fish, and keep them active and happy. Of course, the very first thing you will require to obtain is a fish bowl, tank, or a fish tank.

Betta fish are among the most popular pet fish. With this appeal have come lots of mistaken beliefs about how to take care of Betta fish. Lots of people believe that these fish reside in small puddles in Thailand, and for that reason do not require much area or care. This holds true only throughout droughts. While they may make it through in bad conditions for a while, they will not flourish, and most definitely will not be happy without correct care.

If picking a dog, opt for a type that is not too excitable if you have young children and do not purchase a big jumping breed like a Dalmatian or potentially harmful breed for children like a German Shepherd or killer breed such as an American Pit Bull.

There are a great deal of sites which are using these materials online. They will likewise offer a large range. Because they prevent lots of costs of keeping the store, the rates priced estimate by online suppliers are constantly lower than the pet fish store.

3- When feeding, its a good idea to differ the food that you give the koi throughout the year. By doing this the best pet fish will get the nutrients that it needs, and the needed ones to help with its food digestion.

These difficult to digest proteins can trigger stress on the kidneys and this is one of the factors that animals can be classified as senior citizens when they are only 5 or 6. These components are likewise known to trigger allergies. Do your family pet fish care have allergies? Sometimes animals with allergies are placed on drug treatments when all they require is to take the upseting food out of their diet. Rather of using these grains, meats ought to be utilized as the main source of protein.

Pet healthcare likewise indicates cleaning cages, litter boxes, and fish tanks often. This will keep your animals from getting ill and will likewise lower any odors in your house. Making your pet comfortable will keep them healthy and happy. As your pet ages, you may require to move food and water bowls to an area that is easier to get to. This will lower strain on your pet’s body and will likewise lower the risk of them being injured.

This results in another Betta fish care pointer: cover your tank. These guys have been known to leap out of the tank, bowl if they can. There are two methods to prevent this. Do not fill the tank or bowl all the way to the leading if you don’t have it covered. Or, cover the top.

As soon as, Infant betta fish require to be fed twice per day while grownups only require to be fed. You will feed your fish freeze dried food as an alternative to their favored live food diet. Merely pinch a small amount into the water. Betta fish become complete within 2-3 minutes. Carefully watch your betta to see the proper amount of food to give him. Do not over feed betta fish or it will very possibly kill them. If you are daring adequate to withstand live food then utilize mosquito larvae from the pet store as this is their favored food of option.

You will require to include filters to the water to help preserve a balance. In fact, they are all utilized for calling all kinds of animals. A couple of words at the pet store would have taken care of the problem.

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Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Beginners - pets

I see the question of putting an aquarium in a bedroom so many times, with so many different points of view. I grew up with an aquarium in my bedroom for my entire teenage years so I have a few tips.

Many newcomers to the aquarium hobby have the question of whether the aquarium filter needs to be on all the time and it is a very valid question, but with one simple answer, Yes. But, perhaps the.

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I remember having this same question many, many years ago about what was closed-loop reef tank? And if you are here, you probably have a bunch of questions like what they are too? What is their.

For beginner aquarists to saltwater one of the most daunting tasks is correctly making the saltwater itself. The thought of getting it wrong and everything dying fills many beginners with dread, but.

Shrimp are a beautiful and entertaining addition to your saltwater tank and by having just a couple of these characters in your tank will help to dramatically increase your viewing pleasure! Most of.

So, you have decided to set up a reef aquarium, which is super exciting and sometimes overwhelming for beginners like yourself. As there are so many different fish, invertebrates and corals you.

Crabs can be an enchanting and pleasant addition to your saltwater aquarium. Not only do they look great and add interest, but they also help to keep your reef tank clean! In my aquarium, my platoon.

You may have heard of a fairly new trend of saltwater tanks called Pico reef tanks, but are not too sure what they are? Pico reef tanks are a ‘fun-sized’ reef aquarium and are great if you want.

If you are just getting into saltwater aquariums, and more particularly—coral reef aquariums, then you might be wondering what this term is all about, 'What is a reef ready aquarium?'. Don't worry.

#7: Longnose Hawkfish

You didn’t see that one coming, did you? The Longnose Hawkfish is truly one of my favorite fish. I know that I’ve probably said that 300 times on this website already–and I may end up saying it 2 or 3 times just on this page along–but these fish are awesome.

They look like they’re covered in peppermint graph paper. I’m in nerd heaven.

They’re amazing. And cool. Here’s the deal:

Longnose Hawkfish grow to about 5 inches in total length, which makes them appropriate for most tanks sized

30 gallons or more. They love to perch and have a lot of personality.

I don’t think you will want to start with them as the very first fish in your aquarium, but it certainly is appropriate for a beginner who has demonstrated the basic reef-keeping capabilities. There are also a few caveats when considering just about any hawkfish species–you can’t keep them with small, walking invertebrates like peppermint shrimp or crabs because they will eat them.

#6: Six Line Wrasse

#6 on this list of the coolest saltwater aquarium fish is the Six Line Wrasse. This little wrasse-cal is a hardy, inexpensive and fun little trouble maker that will zip around your tank and clean up any small bristle worms.

They also have the most amazing, and awesome eyes.

#5: Neon Goby

Okay, I won’t say it here, but I’ve written about the neon goby before. They are one of my favorite fish. Darn it. There I go again. They have an electric-bright (neon) stripe and they are cleaner fish–they’ll swim around your other fish and pick off dead scales and parasites.

This small, inexpensive, typically aquacultured fish is inexpensive, hardy, and has a ton of personality.

#4: Percula clownfish

What list of beginner fish would be complete without a clownfish? Disclaimer here, many of the clownfish species and varieties could typically be considered one of the coolest saltwater aquarium fish for beginners–but here is my rationale for why I picked the Percula Clownfish. Percs are still pretty common, but not as common as the common clownfish (amphiprion ocellaris).

They are a little more expensive than common clowns, but not as expensive as some of the designer varieties, like the Picasso Clownfish, which is a variety of the same species. They are relatively smaller (compared with the larger species like maroon clownfish) and they are less territorial than some of the larger clowns.

Overall, that makes them one of the coolest saltwater fish for beginners.

#3: Midas Blenny

Looking for a boldly colored, fearless fish to dash across your tank? Look no further than the #3 coolest saltwater aquarium fish for beginners–the Midas Blenny. Named after King Midas, the legendary fish aficionado (that part wasn’t true but the rest is), the Midas blenny is relatively inexpensive, very hardy, and beautiful to look at.

They are slender fish that seem to ‘slither’ through the water–and their blue-ringed eyes will shimmer in the light.

#2: Orchid Dottyback

You’re going to want some purple in your tank–and the coolest way to put purple in your tank is to get the #2 coolest saltwater fish for beginners–the orchid dottyback, pseudochromis fridmani. This dottyback is commonly aquacultured and will be a great addition to any tank about 30 gallons or larger. They are a brilliant purple color and they have a black line that runs up their head through their eyes.

They can be a bit territorial, at times, but so can most of the fish on this list. I also don’t have a great picture of this fish–so you can find some better pictures here:

#1: Banggai Cardinalfish

Drum roll please–oh wait, you probably already read the title above this paragraph. The #1 coolest saltwater aquarium fish for beginners is… (any guesses?) yes–the Banggai Cardinalfish.

In the wild, these fish are only found in the Banggai islands, in Indonesia. They are on the endangered species list–but they are also one of the easiest saltwater fish to breed in captivity. They are the first saltwater fish that I bred and that got me completely hooked on them. Never buy wild-caught Banggai. That’s a bad idea. But these fish are truly amazing. they are 50% stripes, 50% fins and 50% big mouths. Totally cool. The only thing better than a Banggai cardinalfish is a tank full of them.

Watch the video: No money, no problem - REEF TANK BASICS - how to start a saltwater aquarium BEGINNER GUIDE 2021 (July 2021).