4 Pet Market Segments

Anyone who has a pet at home is well aware of the immense variety of products we need to keep a pet happy and healthy. The offer of these products is what we call the pet market.

THE pet market reached a giant variety of services and products. It ranges from essentials such as food and medication to luxury items, all to win over the pet and the owner.

Brazil is the second largest pet market in the world. According to a survey by the Brazilian Association of Pet Products Industry (ABINPET), Brazil reached the second position in the ranking in 2012, generating a total turnover of R $ 14.2 million.

The services offered in the pet market are initially divided into four segments, as follows:

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  • Pet Food,
  • Pet Care,
  • Pet Vet (veterinary services) and
  • Pet Serv (other types of services available)

The billing forecast in 2012 was R $ 13.8 million and, surprisingly, it was exceeded. The United States leads the ranking, followed by Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Most of this millionaire number is due to Pet Food, that is, the food and snack market for dogs and cats. Pet food was responsible for 68% of this R $ 14.2 million. Second, reaching about 16% of sales, is the market for accessories and toys for animals.

And these numbers are not only splashed on the national market, no! Brazil has become an important exporter of items from the pet market. In 2012, exports rose almost 12% in relation to the previous year. This ends up generating even greater income and moving the domestic economy. All of this motivated by our love for our pets.

The ramifications of the Brazilian pet market

It is estimated that there are 25,000 pet shops in the country, of which only 6% are part of a chain. According to ABINPET, only 10% of pet shops end up closing. It is a booming market and betting on novelty can be the key to success.

In Brazil, there are already companies innovating and doing well in the fastest growing area in the pet market: The feeding. We know that the big names in rations are well solidified in the national market, however there is still a lot of room for novelties - including, even, special chocolate snacks, which do not have cocoa in their composition, for the four-legged friends.

Of course, it is essential to think about the novelty so that the product to be manufactured meets the best for the dog or cat. Feeding is one of the main sources of quality health for the pet, some snacks should not be given to the animal and it is always necessary to seek the opinion of a veterinarian before choosing a snack for your dog or cat.

Foods that contain sugar, cocoa or caffeine are highly contraindicated, as the technical advisory of the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of São Paulo says. These are ingredients that stimulate hyperactivity and can cause you to be prone to heart attack. Why not think of a nutritious snack that contributes to the pet's food, not only serves to please the taste? It is the suggestion of the best veterinarians in the country.

Another novelty that has become attractive in the pet market are pet supermarkets 24h. They are supermarkets like the ones we know, only with products for pets. It has everything available, some even offer veterinary service and sale of puppies. It is very useful to go to a place where you know you will find anything you need for your pet, right?

One of the most curious products for animals also comes from Brazil: Dog Beer. The idea is that the owner can go out with the dog at all times, including the beer. Dog Beer has the flavor differential: the beer for dogs it does not contain alcohol or carbon dioxide, and it tastes like meat. It is the first liquid snack produced on the market for animals.

The law for the pet market

To join the pet market, this branch that only tends to grow, in the area of ​​food, the entrepreneur needs to have authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture and hire a veterinarian or a zootechnician to be responsible for the nutritional table of the product to be marketed, to ensure that it will be something that will contribute with the health of the pets.

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