I want to buy a kitten, what to do?

One cool thing that you should constantly ask yourself and answer honestly, even before you buy a cat, is the reason why it is leading you to buy a kitten. Remember that all things in life, we have the causes and consequences, and making the decision to buy a cat is no longer one of the decisions we can make overnight. A pet is not something you can discard after passing the moment of euphoria, as well, you cannot get sick of the daily (even if simple) routine.

Having a feline at home is having a good companion and a partner for your life. As long as you understand that this is an exchange relationship. So, as you want your cat to give you affection, you must dedicate yourself to taking care of it daily. "Ah, but they say that taking care of cats is super easy, no problem?" Yes it is true. Cats, being independent, are easier to deal with. Now, be very calm at this time, learn here what you really should do when buy a kitten!

The first attitude you have seen and must be reflecting. Do I really have the financial, physical and emotional conditions to raise a cat? Is this not just a matter of lack of affection and loneliness? If so, we do not advise you not to buy a kitten, we just remember that these phases come and go in life, so be sure that when this phase passes, nothing will affect the affection, care and attention to your kitten.

After that, think about your social position in relation to street animals? Do you feel sympathetic to the cause and therefore feel like adopting a feline, or do you think it is better to buy it at a pet shop where you know the kitten's origin? It is worth remembering that we are not here to question what your decision is, since the option to adopt is as valid as that of buying a pussy, since all pets deserve love equally.

In addition to thinking about your conditions and your social position, you should also keep in mind that in addition to all of this, you will need to have a minimum of daily time to pamper your cat a little. But that's not a problem, is it? Having a kitten is all you want most these days.

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If you decided that you are going to buy a breed cat pay attention to what is important to keep an eye on:

  • The first and most important of all is; when purchasing a cat, let it come from suitable breeders. You can find out through the Breeders Association of the breed you are looking for;
  • Look for information about a good cattery. Do you know what a cattery is? Cattery is the same as a kennel. Well, kennel for sure you know where the dogs are, so, by deduction, you already know that the cattery is the place where the cats are housed. So, try to find out between friends and relatives if someone knows a safe place and that works seriously for you to be able to buy a cat, or;
  • Buy your feline at a pet Shop of security. You can inquire at the establishments closest to your residence.

What should I worry about when buying a kitten?

When thinking about buying or adopting a cat, you need to keep in mind some important actions for the sake of your well-being and your kitten. Ideally, before joining the cat, you should see a veterinarian and talk to him about your expectations regarding living with the pet and what, in fact, you can offer a healthy life for your pet.

That done, you will look for the cattery as we guide you so that you can adopt that kitten that moves your heart. There is a plethora of felines in the lodgings and, for sure, one of them will go exactly to what you are looking for, make sure of it!

Ah, another thing, some serious institutions work with the reception (in shelter) of cats and take care of them so that people are supportive and adopt them. They come from all kinds of places and are just looking for shelter.

Adopting a feline make sure you have the vaccines and if he or she has been dewormed. From there you will know what decisions, with the veterinarian, to make.

And the pet shop? How to choose?

A very useful attitude is for you to ask among friends and family what pets shops that they know. Be sure of one thing, referral is the best and safest source of serious work.

In stores you will find everything your feline will need for an active and healthy life. In addition to the veterinarian's office, it is also there that you will spend a good deal of time taking care of your pet by giving him vaccines, buying the rations and all the accessories they need, without forgetting, of course, the toys to leave them still. more active.

What you should know when choosing the veterinarian for your pet:

  • The choice of a professional should be related to someone that you really trust and feel safe. Remember, it is he who will take care of your feline's health;
  • It may seem boring, but as far as possible evaluate the treatment that the veterinarian gives the animal. He must show attention and like what he is doing, this is a careful attitude that you must observe;
  • Although more rare, there are exclusive pet shops for cats, so get to know with friends or anyone who can give you information about these establishments. But, don't worry, the stores that serve dogs and cats are prepared to receive both species;
  • Finally, the question that does not want to remain silent? Was there empathy between you and the veterinary specialist? Well, if so, this is a strong indication that the relationship between the three of you (at least) can work.

Well, as you’ve seen, it’s at the pet store that you’ll find most of the guidelines for your feline’s life. But, what about you, have you decided how you are going to integrate this pet into your home? Are you going to adopt? Are you going to ask friends, family for advice? This is the suggestion that we give you to have fabulous days with your feline.

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