Feeding Cats - How to proceed?

One of the things that most anguishes a pet owner is the way he should feed his feline in a balanced way. Not surprisingly, we know that if any animal's diet is well balanced and rich in protein, it can lead to health and ensure that their life expectancy increases. With that in mind, let's talk here about how you should proceed when it comes to feeding cats.

Cats feeding is the subject of this article and we intend to help you understand how important it is to be concerned with nutrition and how much this issue is directly related to their physical and organic well being. In addition, we will talk here about the first phase of life of the puppies, the weaning process, the introduction of the rations and what types of ration exist on the market.

Calm calm! We know, it's a lot of information, but we go in stages so that you can identify the stage your kitten is in and the need for it in each period. Having a kitten at home is always an opportunity to exchange affection, to take care and be taken care of, so every tip that will be given here will serve to make your relationship with him even happier and healthier.

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Finally, let's talk about how to think about cats feeding of street. There are countless people who are sensitive to the situation of the kitten being on the street and are available to take care with all the attention and affection that they deserve. Is this your case? So, stay tuned here to learn how to deal with this situation and allow the new family member to have a happy life.

I adopted a stray cat, what to do?

We are all touched when we find any animal on the street, right? So, how to proceed if you find a kitten on the street? The first question to be raised is: if you don't want to take it home, find a nearby shelter so that you can take it and so that it has the possibility of being adopted.

In the shelter, this little animal that you found on the street will always be taken care of with affection and attention and, especially, will give the medical care that he needs. This is an attitude of solidarity and citizenship that we should all have, it costs nothing and does the cat and you well. With a safer and cleaner place, the chance of someone adopting it will be greater, and in short, get out of the danger that runs on the streets.

Now, if you have decided that you are going to take him to your home, then pay close attention to the measures you should take, being careful to observe the personality and characteristics of a stray cat. How to feed the stray cats? There is no difference as to what he will eat, the important difference here is that your pet will have a lot more need to go outside than if he were raised at home. Remember that every cat has a striking feature that is that they are by nature; hunters. So, if he takes a break from time to time, don't worry, he'll come back because he knows that at home he is having love, affection, a roof (protection), food and medical care.

See what procedures you should adopt to give your cat a new life:

  • First thing of all is to look for a veterinarian URGENTLY. That done, the act of love between you and your feline materialized. Be sure, this is the most affectionate attitude you can have towards your feline;
  • After this first phase, what you are going to do now is to give all the vaccines that the veterinarian indicates and see with the specialist the remedies for worming (he may have anemia or diarrhea, especially because he lived on the street);
  • Having the veterinarian taken these precautions he will also give you an idea of ​​the age group in which the feline is and so you will think properly about his feeding;
  • Another orientation of your veterinarian will be for you to spay your cat. Have no fear! Always think that neutering your cat is the best way for him to stay away from diseases and have a long life;
  • Provide window screens. Cats are very active, so now and then they jump from place to place. You already realized the danger, right ?! Yes, conserving felines' lives is one of the many important guidelines for them to have an active life;
  • The feeding of cats is, fundamentally, the dry and wet food according to the age stage that it is. Remember, feed is an excellent source of protein and this is very important for their development;
  • Toys that are not rope or skeins of wool. Look for toys that make the cat exercise, such as balls. There are a multitude of toys with this feature.

First phase of life of cats, how to cope?

If you have just integrated a cat into the family, perhaps you are looking for information on how you should act in the way of feeding them, which is very natural! However, do not panic because your pet is one of the easiest to care for. See how simple it is to organize your kitten's food:

  • First attitude is to separate a corner to be from the cat;
  • In this corner, you will put water, feed, sandbox (for the pet's needs) and feed, as we have seen, dry and moist - make sure to leave the sandbox as far away from the water and feed bowls as possible;
  • If the cat is newborn it will be fed by the mother, at least in the first weeks of life. If you have a stray kitten, who came from a shelter without a mother or for some reason this family breakup happened, then there is a specific milk in PET SHOPS for them. If it is an adult cat, the rations are sufficient. Ask the vet!
  • For adult cats, you should buy dry food, as well as canned cans. If your kitten is already old, a great tip is to give the can's kibble because as they are already having difficulty chewing the food it is easier for them;
  • And water, lots of water and at will. They will play and expend energy, so keep them hydrated. Cat fountains are loved by pussies, for always keeping the water moving; cats don't like standing water.

The weaning process, what should I know?

Are you unsure?

It's very natural, but don't be like that! How then, introducing feed into the cats' food? What you need to know is that in the first two months of life the cat needs breast milk as its main food. After 40 days of life, what you can do is start introducing the dry food at the same time, that you will also leave a “small bowl” with milk.

This weaning process is very simple and natural. Don't worry, it will happen naturally. In a short time your kitten will eat only the rations.

What types of feed are there?

There are great rations on the market.

As everything in life requires balance, then, this is no exception to the rule for feeding your cat. And what does it mean? It means that we have two basic types of meals for them (dry and wet), but that we should use them in such a way that this will bring interest to the feline in eating this feed. In addition, they also like it when the food varies, it's not just us, no!

The Dry Food

  • The advantage is the durability, they last much longer than the wet ones, which once opened, if not consumed must be discarded;
  • Another advantage is that they spoil less quickly than wet ones.

The Wet Ration

  • The advantage is that it is more palatable, this is the same as "tastier". Prefer to buy sachets rather than cans;
  • The disadvantage is that more food accumulates between the teeth.

Keep one thing in mind, which is one of the things you should really do, regardless of the type of food you are going to choose for your cat, do not give the same food every time, vary. This is one of the most important tips, ok ?!

Finally, when thinking about cat food, what you should keep in mind is the feline's age, lifestyle and whether he has any type of disease. Consult your trusted veterinarian about this and select the ideal option for you and your pussy.

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