Petiscos for Dogs - Tips and suggestions

As with all the rest of the market around pets, there are also several options, one more interesting than the other, for dog snacks. Many owners, when they go "shopping of the month" for their four-legged friends, also decide to buy that special treat to cheer up the dogs.

Part of the public's best known snacks are the bones made of leather or other products available in the shape of steaks, in addition to those dog biscuits that look like cartoons. You snacks for dogs they are not just to change their tedious diet a little or to entertain them for a while, playing with the snack or eating everything.

They can also be a big plus when it comes to teaching new tricks. Some snacks already available on the market also help to prevent tartar and help to make their teeth cleaner.
The snacks used to help with training are much more fragrant and easy to eat, so the dog will want more and recognize the smell as soon as he feels it again. The ones without leather and dye are the ones that help in the cleaning of the teeth and, normally, they last longer, they are more difficult to finish.

There are also homemade recipes for homemade dog snacks, but not just any food that can be used. There are some "rules" for giving dogs homemade food. It is worth remembering that snacks are also not allowed to interfere in the normal diet with food (or special homemade food) of the animals.

Another option can also be fruits and vegetables, but care must be taken, because vegetables and fruits cannot interfere with the diet too or be offered to dogs in excess, at the risk of disrupting the health of pets.

Just like humans, dogs also like to escape a little bit of routine, to eat the same thing, so it is also worth changing the snacks from time to time, buying a different one and handling the quantity, after all, even owners cannot eat snacks every day all and every day of the week!

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