Homemade Cat Food

Homemade cat food, as in the case of dogs, is a topic that generates a lot of debate among pet owners. Concerned about keeping their pets healthy with nutritious and balanced foods, pet owners are still confused about the benefits of feed and home-cooked food.

Although nowadays rations are preferred among most of those who have pussies inside the home, there are also those who say that those who choosehomemade cat food does not go back to the choice, since, with this type of diet, it is possible to rid your pet of dyes and chemicals present in industrialized foods.

Proposing and enabling a diet richer in minerals, vitamins and nutrients in general, the homemade cat food it also requires some special care so that your cat can adapt properly to the new diet and enjoy all its benefits.

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Although pussies are more resistant to various types of bacteria (which can be present in raw meats, for example), it is important that this type of ingredient is well cooked (or frozen) before being offered to the pet, avoiding any type of infection due to poorly prepared food.

Bearing in mind that to stay healthy a cat needs about 50 nutrients in its food, it is a good idea to include ingredients such as rice, pasta, vegetables in general and meat in the preparation of its homemade food, providing a good amount of proteins. Mineral and vitamin supplements can also (and should) enter the pussycat's dish, especially in the case of formulations that prioritize calcium and phosphorus, ensuring your feline's disposition and health.

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