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Known as the craziest and most arrogant of the Terrier family, the Scottish Terrier forced the British to nickname him "Northern Rooster".


The Scottish Terrier is a dog of Scottish origin, known as one of the oldest terrier breeds in Scotland, developed to become a hunting dog. As the activity was prohibited at the time, the dog was responsible for taking the prey to its owners.


THE Scottish Terrier has a confident look, is stubborn, cold and arrogant. He is brave, independent and, although he is not a model of obedience, he knows exactly where the limits are. Faithful and attached to the owner, despite his arrogance, he is also playful, mischievous and amusing. He is well adapted to life inside and outside the home.


It has stubby and short legs. Their ears are long, pointed and straight. It has a medium-length, straight or slightly curved tail. The hair is rough, dense, hard and black, dark or brindle of any color.

Specific Care

It is necessary to be very careful with the Scottish Terrier's diet, as being overweight can cause back problems. Brushing the hair frequently, bathing and taking it at least twice a year to shear it completely are necessary precautions.


The Scottish Terrier is very resistant to disease and pain, but can be affected by Von Willebrand's disease or thyroid problems, allergies and bruising in the ear.

Video: Scottish Terrier Grooming (July 2021).