Dogs in summer - Watch out for the heat!

With the arrival of summer, the dogs also go for walks, sea, sand, a lot of heat ... We need to think now how we will treat our dogs in the summer without them suffering. To alleviate the discomfort caused by excessive heat, we have chosen some tips so that our dogs can enjoy the summer and that the season is pleasant for our friend.

The observation of the owners is extremely important, certain attitudes will give us clarity that the heat disturbs even the movement of these furry ones, as for example, the open mouth, the panting breath that prevent them even from walking, so we must be attentive you dogs in summer.

Some breeds more sensitive to heat usually have heat stroke, vomiting. If this is observed, do not resist taking it to a veterinarian, who will observe each case and guide the care that should be taken with our dogs in the summer.

Tips for caring for puppies during the summer

  • Water: ‘friend’ of all hours, it will hydrate and relieve heat helping to cool the body. Detail: the water must be constantly replenished and changed if necessary. Keep an eye out for water. A tip is to put ice in a bowl during the day, during the night your dog will have fresh water.
  • Avoid tours at higher temperatures. Prefer places where the shadows accompany the tour. Set milder weather times, early in the morning or late afternoon, for example.
  • Grooming is a way of soften the heat in dogs, make this grooming practice more frequent, at this moment the essential thing is not beauty, but relief mainly in very hairy breeds.
  • During the day it is important that the exposure to the sun is not constant, shadows and house are essential, if your dog likes to bathe in the sun during the day, he can do it at alternate times: early in the morning or late afternoon.
  • A cold bath can also help relieve excessive heat.
  • On the beach: sand does not match dogs, on some beaches it is forbidden, even, that they walk on the sands. Where has the boardwalk, released! Dogs usually defecate, pee in the surroundings, in addition, they can transmit insects, ticks and fleas to children who put their hands in their mouths.

‘Stick’ these tips on your bulletin board and use and abuse them! Good summer with lots of shade and fresh water for you, your family and your dog!

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