He left the house and didn't come back

When spring comes, we open windows and balconies more often. If we have cats at home, it's worth taking care of their safety.

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Let's start with a distinction: there are cats that are kept exclusively at home, without being allowed to go outside freely (indoor cats), and cats that live at home but also go outside (outdoor cats, mainly in detached houses). Statistics show that the average life of the former is much higher - because they do not leave their apartments, they are not threatened by cars, dogs and not necessarily nice strangers.

The safest cat is a cat that leaves the apartment only in a carrier (for a visit to the vet or during transports) or in a harness and on a leash, and its area is essentially the interior of a human's home.

Does the cat miss "fresh air" and open space?

Experience shows that not necessarily - cats raised without the possibility of going out, or accustomed to flats in blocks of flats, do not miss the court at all. It is enough for them to look at the world through the glass. The ideal is a mesh balcony - it is great fun both for cats in the warm season and for their people who do not have to choke in the summer heat with a closed balcony. However, we strongly advise against letting the cat on an unprotected balcony - the risk of the cat going missing or falling is enormous - and the cat does not always fall on its four legs ... .

You can hear - but my cat goes out and always comes back. Or - he fell once and was okay. Yes, the first, the second, the third, and the fourth will be fatal, and then what? We are responsible for our furry friends.

All you need is a bit of imagination - a cat on the 1st floor on the balcony, the balcony from the railing upwards "bare", a butterfly or a bird flies by, the cat jumps after him and falls out. Maybe on four feet. But he goes to a strange place, he is scared, he runs away - often under the car or straight into the embrace of a man who ... well, so many cases of cruel treatment of the animals around - let's watch for ourselves, don't count that the cat will take care of itself, find it, come back.

Or maybe mesh or secure the balcony?

For a dozen or so years, companies and people specializing in such custom-made security measures have been operating on our market: made of strong fishing net stretched on duralumin or aluminum frames, in another version made of galvanized mesh stretched on hooks attached to walls and balconies, in yet another version you can buy a plastic mesh and install it - on a window or balcony (the latter are made by, for example, Trixie, they are available in pet stores, but it must be admitted that the versions on request are of better quality and more reliable - Trixie is the cheapest method of securing ). A balcony-gazebo means aesthetics and many arrangement options - wooden stumps-seats, plants safe for cats, or maybe a flowering and luxuriantly growing catnip in pots?

The balcony is one thing. One cannot forget about the second risk, which are tilt windows. Many cats have already become trapped in them, and many have not been saved. You can find videos of such cases on YouTube, we will not cite them - they are too drastic.

The tilt window can also be secured easily and cheaply - just buy a tilt window limiter in Castorama or in a pet store.

Traveling with a cat

Let's leave the house. We are going with the cat to the vet. Even though the car is in the car and the cat is in the carrier, remember not to let it loose inside the car - what if the cat gets scared or there is a bump? A frightened animal can be unpredictable ...

Safe though outgoing

What if we live in a house with a garden and the cat can go outside? It's best to chip it (most clinics chip cats for about PLN 50, they also enter them into the national databases of chipped animals). It is also worth putting on a collar with a tag. The mere presence of a collar is a signal - it is a domestic cat, not a homeless cat, it will make it easier to find the house. And when there is a chip, it's not a problem - Polish shelters more and more often introduce cat chip procedures and check the cats that go to them for the presence of the chip. If they find the chip, the number is given next to the cat's description, also entered into the databases of lost animals (it has, for example, Safe Animal, the largest database of chipped animals).

If the collar - the best will be with a secure click clasp - that opens itself when a cat is caught, for example, on a tree branch. It takes a really hard pull to unfasten it. The second plus - the cat will not suffocate. And that the collar will get lost ... Another one costs 6 to 20 PLN, not much.

But what if our cat gets lost?

Print advertisements, necessarily with a photo of the cat, contact us, characteristics. Let us hang them in nearby health centers, shops, and shelters. Let's also place ads on the Internet - the more pages, the better. And let's browse the websites of the animal shelter, the database of found animals.

We urge you to chip and prevent loss ...

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