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THE Bombay it is that breed of cat that is always compared to a miniature panther and this resemblance is not a mere coincidence. Its breeder, an American from the state of Kentucky named Nikki Horner, was determined to create a cat as similar as possible to Bagheera, the black panther that was her favorite character in R. Kipling's "The Jungle Book".


THE Bombay is a breed that was bred in Kentucky, in the United States, by Nikki Homer, who in the fifties began to work steadily, determined to obtain "his" black cat with the appearance of a black panther. For this she started from a cross between a Birmanese Sable and an American Shorthair cat with striking eyes.

This was the first time that two established breeds were used to create a third breed with its own characteristics - and although Nikki's goal was to create a breed that was as similar as possible to a panther, she didn’t use even a drop of blood in the creation of Bombay.

Years later, despite having some successful litters, sporadically a kitten from the litter appeared brown in color. The breed was officially recognized by the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) in 1970 and even today crosses with American Shorthair and Birmanese cats are accepted. When Bombay was accepted into competitions as a new breed, Nikki Homer stopped creating the breed, but other breeders, in love with this docile, playful and self-assured cat started to create Bombay.

Despite being a very popular breed in the United States, where it was bred, the Bombay - named after the city of Bombay, India - is not a well-known breed in Europe.


THE Bombay he is an affectionate, peaceful and friendly cat. Communication is also characteristic, being a very vocal cat that meows frequently - unfortunately they have a sweet and low tone of voice.

In addition he is also a very playful cat, which can transform this little panther into a unique blend of characteristics of cats, dogs and why not, monkeys. Bombay can be trained to wear collars, in addition to enjoying playing with objects, always finding ways to have fun with the humans they live with.

You Bombay cats they are very sociable, like to play and interact, constantly seek contact with the owner and do not support loneliness well. He is a family cat and lives very well with other pets, children and even the elderly.

Bombay is also a very intelligent and curious cat, who very easily learns small tricks and simple commands, such as, for example, taking objects or answering the call of the owner, jumping on his lap when asked and enjoying long sessions of affection, even of strange people.


THE Bombay it is a medium sized, compact and muscular cat - you can see the muscles of this little panther moving as it chases some imaginary prey or toy around the house. His head is rounded with a broad face, with no sharp angle. The eyes are big, round and separate, which give the cat a kind and sweet look, while its colors - shades of copper and gold - give it the final touch to really look like a black panther.

Bombay has a short, very shiny coat with a very satiny texture. The coat color is absolutely black throughout its length, and no other shade is accepted in the official breed standard.

Because it is so muscular, the Bombay it has a robust bone structure, which makes it a heavier cat than the average for medium sized cats.

Specific care

THE Bombay it has a short coat and requires little maintenance, simply simply brushing your hair occasionally to keep it shiny and prevent the accumulation of dead hair. A few occasional baths to keep the coat shiny and free of any dirt that could accumulate in the hair is also recommended - as the palms of our hands leave some of our natural oil in the cat's coat during its long petting sessions at our lap.

Despite the short hair, this is not a recommended breed for anyone who is allergic to cats, but on the other hand Bombay it is the ideal cat for those who already have a pet at home or small children.


Natural selection throughout the breed's development - along with the good health of its mother breeds, American Shorthair and Burnese - made the Bombay have a long and healthy life, without any disease genetically attributed as a characteristic of the breed so far.

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