Cat and exercise at home? It is possible!

Staying at home in times of quarantine forces us to be physically active mainly in our own four walls. Therefore, cat lovers have a difficult task ...

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What to do when your cat interferes with exercise? We have advice for this.

Why does the cat interfere with exercise?

Everything worth knowing about cats

There are several reasons why a furry dog ​​is trying to prevent you from doing a series of sit-ups or squats. First of all, his curious nature does not allow him to pass over your activities. Furry cats are known for carrying out inspections - from checking shopping bags, to sniffing new furniture in the apartment, to closely watching caregivers in their daily activities. They often show a great desire to participate in home life. So if your purr sees you strangely waving your arms or lying in an unusual position on the floor or on the mat, he absolutely wants to see what is happening to you. Moreover, it is quite possible that he considers your activities to be the fun you invite him to join.

The equipment you train with - weights, rubbers, mats may also be interesting for him. Cat's curiosity can't be helped. Let him see all the accessories, then you increase the likelihood of him getting bored with them. After all, what is not forbidden ceases to be interesting - such a perverse cat nature.

Invite the cat to another room

The simplest and most logical solution is to move the furry to another room. Unfortunately, there is also less positive news: this method will work 1 in 10 times ???? Try it anyway - perhaps you are among a small group of lucky people whose purr is able to sit behind closed doors for some time without screaming wildly ... If not ...

Save the cat before your training

A tired and rushing cat has less desire to bother its exercising guardian. A decent amount of chasing a fishing rod, a feather, or anything else that will force your cat to become physically active should at least weaken the purr's urge to lunge at you during training. So: exercise for the furry first, then for you!

Let purr practice with you ...

… In your own way, of course. Futrzak is unlikely to perform a series of sit-ups or pilates exercises. However, when you train your body, he can successfully train ... his brain. All kinds of toys forcing "thinking" will be useful for this. For example, taste balls, olfactory mats or hand-made accessories that force you to search and find delicacies. All you have to do is keep your friend busy for a while.

For all those exercising with cats, we have consolation: the more you do it, the more your pet gets used to unusual views, and therefore - it reduces its interest in you. It can therefore be said that cat lovers have additional motivation to exercise more often and more ???? Good luck!

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Author: Marta Martyniak

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