Dr. Pet talks about animal behavior at PET Rio Expo

Present at the third edition of PET Rio Expo - held between March 25 and 27 at the SulAmérica Exhibition Center, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - the famous Dr. Pet gained prominence as one of the great attractions of the fair, having led two presentations at event, where he gave training tips and talked about the news of the sector and the role of the industry in the pet market.

In an exclusive interview for our portal, Alexandre Rossi (the Dr. Pet) said that, nowadays, advances in health tests for pets can now be considered much more accurate, in addition to being accessible to veterinarians; causing the relationship between people and animals to be positively influenced.

“This precision in the exams can bring much more tranquility to pet owners and people in general, since they demystify a series of information that has always been considered true by a large part of the population - such as that toxoplasmosis is an almost exclusively transmitted by cats ”, explains Rossi, adding that the technologies of the pet universe are also better today.

According to him, the advances in the sector as a whole also help a lot in the sense of reassuring people about pets; since today's market also has options for accessories and products that, in a way, provide a greater security in relation to diseases - such as sands for cat boxes that facilitate the cleaning of the place, among others.

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With regard to innovations in the world of pet accessories, Alexandre Rossi cites interactive toys and food cases among those with the most advantages; since, in addition to amusing the animal, they can also contribute to having a healthier and quality life.

“Most animals tend to eat whatever food is available until it runs out, and it is difficult control the diet of the pet when you are not at home all the time. Therefore, this type of accessory can be extremely useful and beneficial for animals, since, with different compartments, the food pots encourage the pet to unveil the accessory - being that, in the meantime, it has fun and even takes more time to eat ”, emphasizes Dr. Pet.

Guides that discourage dogs from pulling them (trapped in the front, making the animal 'spin' when it forces to release) are also an example of an accessory that can help with pet training and make life easier for their owners; proving that, today, the novelties of this universe are already manufactured and directed to the most varied functions.

Use of trendy pet accessories

With an increasing number of new products and technologies in the pet sector, a series of new fashions has emerged in this market - becoming desired and adopted by some and completely reproached by others. However, according to Rossi, the vast majority of these accessories can be used with peace of mind, as long as it is done correctly.

“There is no problem with walking dogs in pet strollers, for example; and this type of care is even encouraged if the dog is not yet vaccinated or very old, with mobility and health problems. However, many pet owners end up exaggerating the care - and this ends up harming the animal instead of benefiting it ”, comments Rossi, adding that pet strollers should not be used while the animal is healthy and active; as this interferes with the energy expenditure and the pet's physical activities, which are necessary for its well-being and development.

According to the expert, the same speech applies to other accessories, such as booties for dogs - being that, in situations where the product is used to protect the dogs' paws (be it from the hot floor, from the cold or from soil that could end up hurting the region), it is recommended; but its use for purely aesthetic reasons is not a good idea.

“The big question in this type of case is how each person's needs are being met. While, on the one hand, the owner may have the need to care for the pet like a child, this cannot hinder the development and activities that the animal needs to live in health. Therefore, every type of pet accessory can be used and, in some cases, it even should; but that should never interfere with your well-being ”, he concludes.

According to him, making use of accessories to replace physical activities of the animal (like mats) is a practice that has been adopted by many owners, and that can be highly harmful; since it removes sensations that are extremely necessary for the pet, such as getting in touch with the world, nature and people outside their daily life.

Animal behavior

In relation to the animals' behavior, Dr. Pet states that it is necessary to understand the context in which the dog lives completely so that it is possible to make adaptations and modify the animal's unwanted attitudes - investigating the relationship that the pet has with his family and all who live with him daily.

“Training can help a lot to impose limits and find ways to change the animal's behavior, but you need to know about the relationship it has with the people it lives with. In many cases, a dog that 'eats' its owner's shoe is scolded when, in reality, this attitude is just a way that it finds itself closer to the owner, since the accessory carries its smell - being that , the moment this is perceived, it is already possible to begin to modify the behavior, leaving the smell of the owner in the dog toys also, so that he looks for his own items when it comes to ‘kill nostalgia’ ”, he explains.

According to him, another very common fact that generates apparently 'rebellious' pets is the training done in the wrong way; since, when the person has no practice and experience in this type of training, he may end up reinforcing, precisely, the animal's negative behaviors, instead of the positive ones.

"The necessity of 'take care of the pet like a son’That many owners have can also be a confusing factor in this regard; because, in order to please the animal, the owner ends up letting him do whatever he wants - being that imposing limits is fundamental to good behavior, and 'pampering' the dog can make it even more difficult to control or conditioned to new habits and attitudes ”, explains Alexandre Rossi.

In addition to creating major problems for controlling the behavior of the animal, this type of attitude on the part of the owners can also be very harmful to their health; because, in many cases, in fear that his pet will go hungry, the owner may offer too much food to the animal, making him obese due to an excess of pleasures that is unnecessary.

According to Rossi, this concern can also be categorized as exaggeration due to the rations that are available on the market today, and that, when administered in the ideal quantity, do not allow the lack of necessary nutrients for the health of the pet.

“You cannot let the pet do everything in the name of well-being, as this ends up harming the animal. Nowadays, the number of obese dogs and cats is huge due to this type of pet owners - however, having the help of new products on the market can help solve this type of problem ”, comments Rossi, highlighting the toys with compartments that hinder the dog's access to food (mentioned at the beginning of this article).

Common mistakes of pet owners

In addition to pampering and exaggerated care, another mistake that can contribute a lot to future problems is the one made when adopting or buying the pet. According to the expert, it is a habit of many Brazilians to choose the canine breed that you want to take home based on the personality type that is ‘normal’ to that specific breed - and the general description doesn’t always fit the animals individually.

“Each breed has a series of variations, and the behavior that is expected of an animal does not always correspond to reality. Many owners take puppies home thinking that if they take care of them from an early age, they will be able to condition it to the personality they want; but many animals already have genetic predispositions of behavior that are unlikely to be changed. In the same way that there can be a calm and docile Rotweiller, there can also be an aggressive Golden Retriever ”, he explains.

According to Dr. Pet, whoever seeks to have a pet of a certain attitude or behavior has the adoption of a adult dog as your best option; therefore, it is possible to choose the animal for its already formed personality, avoiding surprises along the way.

Pet trade shows

According to Alexandre Rossi, business fairs in the pet sector are great opportunities for networking and contact between the most varied professionals in this segment; however, he believes that a good part of the companies that participate in this type of event has exaggerated too much in the presentation, leaving the products aside.

“In Brazil, the fairs are getting bigger and the exhibitors tend to invest a lot in their stands, participating in the events, only, when it is possible to make a‘ big deal ’. On the other hand, at fairs held outside the country, companies are betting more on quality and benefits of your products, highlighting what is really important for pets and achieving success as a result ”, details Dr. Pet.

According to him, this type of custom on the part of Brazilian brands ends up harming the events held here; since the investment ends up being too high for several companies to pay, and the result is that the fairs run out of many good and innovative products - which could be advertised and help the world of health and pet fun, if the amount to be paid for this participation was not so high.

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