Sports for Dogs

  • Dog Racing - Dangerous Sports

    Dog races have been going on for many, many years, originally in England, where they are still popular today. It basically consists of a race of speed competed by dogs, more usually, of greyhound breeds. According to the local history, the dog races ...

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  • Dog Swimming - Health and Fun

    Everyone knows how important daily exercise is for the well-being and health of the dog. The strolls through the street and parks serve not only to take care of the puppy's physical conditioning, but also his mental state. There are some special cases where the dog needs ...

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  • Canine Freestyle - Fun and exercise for dogs and owners

    Unknown to a large part of the general population and even to those passionate about pets, the Canine Freestyle gains more and more fans and fans in Brazil. Seen as a great way to ...

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  • Flyball - Canine Sport

    Flyball is a sport practiced by dogs, in which teams compete against each other, and has become very popular, reaching the third most popular spot in the world. It is not a popular sport in Brazil yet, like Agility, but it has a tendency to win many fans here.

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  • Agility for Dogs - Obstacles and Equipment

    Physical activities are often recommended for people who want and need a better quality of life, and the same recommendation is made for dogs. Agility for dogs, the fastest growing canine sport around the world, is an ideal alternative for those seeking ...

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  • Game Dog - Fun for dogs!

    There is always fear when walking your dog and there, across the street, an owner walks with his adorable dog that can be three times the size of yours or just a normal dog, and suddenly your dog reverses actions and, instead of letting yourself be carried away by ...

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  • Schutzhund - Dog activity

    Do you know what schutzhund is? Have you heard? If not, you have certainly heard of dog training. Schutzhund is a sport for dog training that arose in Germany and has spread throughout the world. Schutzhund is also what we call the dog that ...

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  • Canicross - Canine sport

    Canicross is still an unknown term for most Brazilians, but according to the wave of popularity that has been gaining worldwide, this should change in a short time. Created in the United Kingdom in the early 90s, sport has emerged as a form of training for ...

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  • Frisbee - Sport and fun

    Dogs love to chase toys, balls and other objects, when trained, seek the object and bring it back to the owner, so that it can be launched again. It's pure fun for dogs and this has become a sport, it's canine frisbee! Frisbee is a sport that has been growing in ...

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Video: Lobo the Siberian Husky goes off script in the 24 inch class of agility competition. FOX SPORTS (July 2021).