Baby monkeys on the go: it couldn't be sweeter!

Sure, baby animals are always cute. But these baby monkeys are particularly adorable, aren't they? See for yourself. Some baby monkeys are already born cheeky, like this Lisztaffe - Image: Shutterstock / Kjersti Joergensen The world is still as new for baby monkeys as this orangutan - Image: Shutterstock / TRyburn Baby monkey walk: but don't go too far! - Image: Shutterstock / fbxx White tufts of baby monkeys: better stay with your mom - Image: Shutterstock / Paul Maguire Orangutan baby monkey: so small and already so thoughtful - Image: Shutterstock / PeterVrabel Cute: busy baby monkey - Image: Shutterstock / JJ-Whic Little treasure: young marmoset - Image: Shutterstock / JJ-Whic

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