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Animal sound storm: The loudest animals in the world

There are the largest, fastest and strongest animals in the world. But which animal species are the biggest rioters? The team from ceremoniously presents six of the loudest animals on our planet.

Of course, the howler monkey is at the front of the loudest animals in the world, after all, the primate did not get its name for no reason. Thanks to their special larynx, the monkeys can launch a deafening sound storm. The roar can be heard from a distance of up to nine kilometers. Why do they roar at all? Of course, to show off and intimidate other animals. The roar of the lion can also be heard up to nine kilometers away, who likes to raise his impressive voice for the same reasons.

Raise the curtain for the loudest animals in the world!

Well roared lion!

The first surprise for the loudest animals in the world is the bat. The cuddly mammals "screech" up to 140 decibels loud and are therefore basically louder than a jet. However, the cry cannot be heard from the human ear, since it is in the ultrasound range. The "singing" of a male cicada, with which the females are to be attracted, can be heard and annoying for humans.

Armed cancer makes it crack

The blue whale is one of the largest screeching necks in the sea. No wonder with the gigantic body mass. At the end of the loudest animals in the world, another sea creature and a very special highlight. We are talking about pistol or bang cancer, which makes incredibly loud bang noises with its scissors.