Paw care for dogs: what you should pay attention to

The bales are, in many ways, the executive organs of the dog. Accordingly, you should pay close attention to paw care in dogs. Because Your loyal companion will only feel comfortable when your paws are doing well.


Pleasant paw care is still underestimated by many dog ​​owners, but you can do a lot of good things for your best friend. It is not so much a matter of grooming the paws at fixed intervals, but rather of regular checks. A trained look at the claws tells you, for example, when you should cut the dog's claws - because that is also part of good paw care.

Grooming dog paws: Protect the pads

The surface of the bale should be smooth and soft. If you find that the skin is cracked and dry here, apply milking fat, petroleum jelly or perfume-free fat cream to your paws. Your vet can give you detailed information about which cream is best for your dog and should be used for paw care. Especially in winter you should protect the dog's paws from ice, sand and road salt.

Shorten hair on the paws

Cut the hair between the toes and bunions short and be sure to use scissors rounded at the edges when grooming the dog paws to avoid injury. If the hair on the paws is too long, dirt, and in winter also snow and ice, can settle there. This often forms crystalline balls, which can be painful for your best friend when running. Check the bales for small stones, splinters or other residues from time to time and pay particular attention to cereal awns or grass seeds, as these can grow into the skin if the dog's paws are inadequate.

Some dogs prefer to get wet

Healing ointment for dog paws after long injuries

If your dog has not been able to walk for an extended period of time, possibly after surgery, it may happen that the dog's feet will sore on the first walks after recovery. Ask your veterinarian for advice, he will recommend the right healing ointment for you. If you have discovered serious injuries on the balls, you should not try to cure the injuries on your own, as inflammation can quickly develop. Go to the vet with your dog, prescribe protection and only carry out paw care on the dog once the injuries have subsided.

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  • person

    25-12-2016 22:12:27

    LisaChristiane: What really worked as a care for our dog was the hand cream "Lemony Flutter" from Lush. He didn't lick them like other special ointments. And even if he licked it off, there are only natural ingredients in this cream. Report abuse
  • person

    12-09-2014 21:09:22

    WolfgangBie: Paw care for my dog ​​is always difficult. He has very sensitive paws and always starts barking when I want to clean them. Does any of you have the same problem? Are dog paws generally very sensitive? Report abuse
  • 25-03-2014 09:03:31

    sabinewulf96: Above all, you have to be very careful with the animals. Dog paws are very sensitive and are easily vulnerable. So take a lot of time and patience. Report abuse
  • person

    27-02-2014 09:02:05

    mauricekuhne: paw care is very important. Especially when the dog often plays in the forest or garden. Dog paws are very sensitive. You have to be really careful with that. Bianca, you don't need a salon. You can do that alone. Report abuse
  • 26-02-2014 09:02:48

    biancasturmer16: My darling doesn't like paw care. Dog paws so very sensitive and you believe their very special. Wouldn't it be better to have a professional take care of you? For example in the dog salon. I actually think that's a nice idea. Report abuse
  • 05-11-2013 22:11:58

    sylviakasser: Not only the claws have to be groomed and cut in dogs, but also the dog's paws. But that is often forgotten. I think the article is really well written and contains good tips. Report abuse