Restless sleep: can animals dream?

Many pet owners know the sometimes troubled sleep of their pets. What's it all about? Can animals dream and even have nightmares?

Science agrees that animals, like humans, have at least certain sleep phases. In the so-called REM phase, the brain is particularly active and there is more dreaming - at least in humans. It is believed that the ability to dream as such was developed in evolution even before the emergence of Homo sapiens. However, it cannot be clearly proven in animals.

Experiment shows: Animals can probably really dream

However, experiments - and not least the video shown below - suggest that animals and humans process information about dreams. For example, studies on rats have shown that they showed increased brain activity during sleep and the so-called episodic memory was reactivated. It is a pity that animals cannot speak and can report about their possible traumas. This dog would perhaps tell of a rapid hunt.

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