Sea lions cannot become diving

Diving sickness is a decompression sickness that is caused by pressure relief that is too rapid. Sea lions dive extremely deep, which raises the question of whether the animals can also become diving. The answer is as awesome as it is amazing. Sea lions can avoid diving sickness with a lung trick - Image: Shutterstock / ehtesham

The deeper you dive, the higher the pressure rises. As a result, more nitrogen dissolves in the blood, an aspect that applies equally to animals and humans. This process can also be compared to a bubbling water bottle. A downplaying is out of place because this process damages blood vessels and organs. The consequences can quickly lead to death - both on the animal and on the human side. Sea lions spend most of their lives in the water - so can the cute mustache wearers also become diving sick?

Sea lions and diving sickness: well prepared

Like so many representatives of the animal kingdom, sea lions demonstrate their perfect adaptation to their living environment. Because if you dive down, let your lungs collapse. As a result, the absorption of nitrogen in the lungs of the animals is actively limited. In addition, sea lions also have oxygen reserves ready for re-emergence, a process known as anti-collapse. The animals are therefore not immune to the diving disease, but can effectively protect themselves against them.

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    lauragartne: It would also be a bad thing if sea lions got the diving sickness. The animals move most of the time in or under water. But very interesting to find out how it all works with the sea lions. Report abuse