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Stroke me! Fluffy, soft cats are easy to cuddle

Asleep on the blanket: Babycat - Image: Shutterstock / bonchan

Petting time: If cats come on their fluffy velvet paws, nobody can resist! Cuddle alarm: fluffy kitten on cuddly blanket - Image: Shutterstock / Marina99 This beautiful gray cat invites you to cuddle - Image: Shutterstock / Vitaliya The cuddly British Shorthair cat is a special cuddle fan - Image: Shutterstock / itsmejust Time to hang out: time to cuddle with the cat - Image: Shutterstock / aceshot1 Cute red cat with cuddly ambitions - Image: Shutterstock / Emily Skeels Sweet to cuddle: Little tiger cat looks over - Image: Shutterstock / AnnaIA Play or cuddle? Both okay! - Image: Shutterstock / Claudia Naerdemann Asleep on the blanket: Babycat - Image: Shutterstock / bonchan Cuddling? One of the favorite pastimes of cats - Image: Shutterstock / berna namoglu To cuddle: A small cat sits in the foliage - Image: Shutterstock / ots-photo

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  • 08-03-2013 17:03:01

    angelaschoe: is the sweet abuse report
  • 24-02-2013 11:02:16

    margitbittmann: it's so cute report abuse
  • 21-02-2013 20:02:39

    dagmarkutscher: SIMPLY SWEET ONLY ... Or? Report abuse
  • 13-02-2013 19:02:28

    sabinecatte: they are cute and cuddly and sweet report abuse
  • 12-02-2013 19:02:42

    corneliahel: ist die süüüüüß… Report abuse
  • 12-02-2013 10:02:37

    gertrudhillmann: watch out - I'm dangerous :-) seems to want to say the kitty ... report abuse
  • 10-02-2013 09:02:50

    birgitpratsch1:… just to hug and cuddle… report abuse