Buy puppies in the pet shop? Animal rights activists advise against

Buying a puppy in a pet store - in many countries this is possible. In Germany, the sale of dogs in pet stores is frowned upon, but is still legal under the law. Animal welfare still advises against this. Buy puppies in the pet shop? Animal rights activists advise against - Photo: Shutterstock / Serg Manaylo

Buying puppies at the pet store: is this legal?

Decades ago, the members of the Central Association of Zoological Specialists signed an implicit agreement not to sell dogs through pet stores. However, the law does not prohibit offering puppies in a pet store. All that is required is a special permit, which is based on the Animal Welfare Act and issued by the regulatory office if all the necessary requirements are met. For example, it must be ensured that the dogs are only offered for sale after the ninth week of life and that veterinarians can theoretically look after the puppies around the clock. The origin of the animals as well as the buyers must also be registered very precisely.

Animal rights activists advise against buying

But keeping them in a glass case can have serious consequences. The central minting period between the eighth and twelfth week of life is of particular importance for the later upbringing of dogs. If they grow up in a comparatively low-stimulus environment at this point, behavioral disorders could occur later. Animal welfare fears spontaneous purchases, which do not check exactly whether the potential buyer is even able to take care of the animal. If this is not the case, more dogs would probably be handed over to the already overcrowded animal shelters. For this reason, you should not buy puppies in the pet store. React sensibly and inform yourself ahead of time before you go to a recognized breeder or animal shelter for your new family member.

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