These are the most important cats in 2012 (part 1)

The American "Buzzfeed" magazine has chosen the 30 most important cats of the year 2012. With the flood of pictures and videos, the choice was visibly difficult, so that even the rear places are occupied by secret winners on four velvet legs. Before we reveal the real winner, here is a small selection of the top 30.

To set a lasting fragrance brand as a cat this year, you don't have to be particularly cute or funny. 24th place for the most important cats in 2012 goes to this velvet paw, which bears the title "Yawning Asshole Cat". Why? Look for yourself:

Not really better, but maybe with good will this cat made it into the top 30. The "post cat" grabs letters directly when they are thrown in and then hides them somewhere in the house:

The 10th most important cats in 2012 are a bit more relaxed. The relaxed velvet paw hangs on a railing in a very human pose. Watch a basketball game in the evening sun:

Less chilled, it continues to rank 5 of the most important house tigers in 2012. This copy has found a way that his owner can get on his nerves every morning, just so that breakfast is served early - clever:

Tomorrow you will find out which four-legged friend has made it to the top of the ranking. Be prepared for the fact that you can climb the top in a rather bad mood.

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