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Poor cat: Abused and caught as an escape assistant

Incredible but true: A cat was caught as an escape helper in a Brazilian prison. It was intended to provide the occupants with a bag filled with outbreak tools. The animal courier was caught before he could bring the explosive delivery to the man. A video shows the poor cat after being arrested.

Someone had taped the bag around the cat's body. This is how the four-legged friend caught the guards, who immediately arrested him and ensured that the smuggled goods, reports the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". They were certainly not astonished when they found out what the cat wanted to put in prison: In addition to the files as an absolute outbreak classic, the bag also contained a concrete drill and a cell phone with a battery.

Incidentally, the prisoners raised the cat. In contrast to these, however, she had regular clearance and stayed with relatives who prepared the four-legged friend accordingly for the attempt to escape. At present, all prison inmates are under general suspicion - and their animal accomplice remains silent. We can only hope that he will soon be free and can lead a less criminal life.

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