Desert lynx: jumping artist even without a trampoline

Cats are masters of jumping and falling, as everyone knows. However, one or two domestic cats could still learn a lot from the Afro-Asian caracal, also known as desert lynx. These two videos show: The "black ears" are real bounce miracles.

Catching mice or birds is a fundamental part of everyday life in cats. The velvet paws not only have to be fast, they also have to be able to jump far. A particularly powerful type of cat is the desert lynx, which hunts mainly in Africa, Southwest Asia and Turkey.

While the first desert lynx video cheats a bit above and uses the fence as a kind of gang, the second caracal easily manages the three-meter jump. As you can see here, you just have to give the animals a little incentive.

The desert lynx in the second video goes one better. Although the black ear does not jump quite as high as its peers, the cat easily installs several somersaults when it tries unsuccessfully to snatch its favorite toy - a real feat.

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