Maymo voted best dog 2012

Maymo did it. The cute Lemon Beagle not only managed to be the center of attention three times, but was also able to convince the editors of the American "Buzzfeed" magazine: And so he now proudly bears the title "Best Dog 2012". But the other front seats also put a smile on our faces.

Even if this blue-eyed "Hypno Dog" tried everything - the editors of the "Buzzfeed" magazine were not put off by their choices. Rightly so, as we think - nevertheless this funny, but a little creepy guy earned 14th place among the best dogs in 2012:

And Meysi, perhaps the smallest dog in the world, has already played a "big" role with us. The little terrier almost ended up being mistaken for a piece of placenta in the trash. Fortunately, the mistake was noticed in good time and the little sweet barker delighted us today with his happy hop around in 9th place:

At place 8 there is a somewhat more tragic story. The little pug lady Loca suffers from a neurological disorder and cannot walk properly. But jump and hop and all sorts of other things. As a representative, Herrchen wrote a song for Loca, in which she makes it clear that she is otherwise fine. This is also confirmed by veterinarians. And finally she has a family she loves:

However, this heart-wrenching story was not enough for 1st place in the "Best Dogs 2012". Instead, Maymo ends up at the top. The Lemon Beagle has already made us laugh with its play with a lemon, a toy mouse and - just at Christmas - with its preference for plastic bottles. But it all started with this cabbage. That's why we also think of: Maymo is rightly at the top of the podium. Congratulation!

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