Tips: Find the right dog house

When the long-awaited vacation approaches, you need tips to find a suitable dog boarding house - after all, you don't want to trust your four-legged friend with someone. If there are no friends or relatives who want to look after your four-legged friend, the dog hotel is often the only solution. Picture: Shutterstock / Michael Pettigrew

Find dog boarding: Tips for the search

In order to be able to go on vacation with a good feeling, do the dog boarding check so that your four-legged friend feels perfectly comfortable and not miserable when on vacation. Take a close look at the pensions in question. Visit the property without notice. Let yourself be guided through the rooms to get a first impression. The rooms should be clean and not crowded.

Fresh water and feed should be available. In the best case, someone will also deal with the dogs. Your four-legged friend needs an exit and a run in order not to be constantly isolated and to be able to move freely. But the animals should also have enough space in the kennel.

Vacation in a dog hotel: vaccination is mandatory

The operators of the accommodation should also have a certificate of expertise according to Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act. In any case, let them show you. Also make sure that the pension only accepts vaccinated animals. Your four-legged friend should be vaccinated at least three times: against parvo, leptospirosis and rabies. In good accommodation, you will be asked many questions, for example about the eating habits, preferences or idiosyncrasies and also about diseases of your animal. Record all regulations and the benefits of the dog boarding house in a care contract. This is especially important in the event that Bello needs to be examined by the veterinarian. The cost of accommodation for dogs should not exceed twelve to 15 euros per day.

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