Kittens and Dobermans: Unequal playmates

Pretty brave how this intrepid kitten gets involved in a "fight" with the respectful Doberman. This game says: Delicate cat paws against strong dog teeth. But don't worry: The Doberman turns out to be a gentle playmate.

Is it cheeky or brave how this little kitten attacks the huge Doberman in comparison. It dances around on its nose - or just hits it with its little paws. However, the overpowering "enemy" won't put up with anything - and just snaps shut. It's a good thing that the big four-legged friend has learned to use his powers properly.

And so a loving fuss between kitten and doberman develops, in which nobody is injured. Even if the latter tries to take the brave little fighter in his mouth. But that doesn't stop the fluffy racer from taking another round - see for yourself!

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