Chocolate poisoning: treatment in dogs

Dangerous temptation: A quick treatment at the veterinarian can become vital if your dog has eaten too much chocolate. Severe chocolate poisoning has long-term consequences for the four-legged friend. Chocolate poisoning needs to be treated: Don't give in to the dog's gaze - Image: Shutterstock / Tyler Miller

Chocolate is toxic to dogs! The sooner you recognize chocolate poisoning in your dog, the better. Immediate treatment can prevent your four-legged friend from sustaining permanent damage. Because the theobromine contained in the cocoa bean quickly gets into the dog's blood and is broken down very slowly by the body. Problematic: there is no antidote.

Medical treatment for chocolate poisoning

If it has not been more than two hours since your dog nibbled chocolate, the veterinarian will try to make him vomit: he will inject an “emetic”, for example with the active ingredient apomorphine. If the theobromine has already spread in the dog's body, chocolate poisoning has already progressed too far. Your four-legged friend will then also receive activated carbon for treatment. This binds the toxins that can later be excreted in the feces.

If your darling already shows symptoms of chocolate poisoning in the dog and vomits or has severe diarrhea, the doctor will also give an infusion. The weakened circulation is stabilized with special medication. Important: take the packaging of the chocolate with you to the vet. Try to estimate how much your loyal friend has consumed. Then the doctor can better determine the further treatment of chocolate poisoning.

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If it has to be quick: help the dog yourself

If you cannot get to the vet quickly enough, you must treat your dog's chocolate poisoning themselves immediately. At best, do the same as the veterinarian and try to make your dog vomit. You can take activated charcoal tablets for people to support you. They do not harm the four-legged friend and work effectively. If your dog resists too much and does not want to swallow the tablet, place it on the back of the four-legged friend's tongue and hold up its snout. Then a swallowing reflex is triggered.

Be sure to see a veterinarian as soon as possible. Only the expert can determine the best treatment for your dog. If you react correctly, your four-legged friend has a better chance of surviving chocolate poisoning without long-term damage.