A 14-year-old saved a cat thrown on the highway

Can cats be thankful for saving their lives? Lucky's case proves that yes!

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Erin Brown was driving along the freeway with her 14-year-old son, Gavin. She was taking him to a birthday party. Suddenly she saw something that shocked her. A window opened in the car in front of them and a cat was thrown through it. Not a small kitten, but an adult tabby cat.
Erin braked and her son jumped out of the car, waving his arms as he tried to stop the traffic on the road.
The scared cat ran along the highway, heading towards the overpass. He was close to jumping off the height and… Fortunately, Gavin was faster. He ran up and grabbed the cat at the last moment.

He returned with the terrified pet to the car and instead of to the birthday party, they drove to BluePearl Animal Hospital. All the way he hugged the cat and stroked, talked to him in a low voice, trying to calm Lucky. In the hospital, veterinarians took care of the unfortunate animal and gave them painkillers. The cat, trying to grab onto the surface of the viaduct, almost pulled its claws out.

The family returned home. Of course, with the new household member. Cat and Gavin became inseparable. Lucky turned out to be a lovable and gentle animal. It was impossible not to love him.

He saved the cat because ...

Gavin doesn't think of himself as a hero. It was just the way to behave. He always wanted to become a vet. Now, after an unusual meeting on the freeway, he only made his resolve.
The world is not so bad as long as there are such young people in it.
With the heart in the right place.

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