Ear mites in cats: agents for treatment

Ear mites are very uncomfortable for cats. The small parasites cause severe itching and can cause inflammation and coordination problems. In order to prevent the annoying ear mite and to control it, various means are commercially available. Symptoms of an ear mite infestation should be clarified with the veterinarian - Image: Shutterstock / Hasloo Group Production Studio

Anyone suspected of ear mite infestation in their cat should be vigilant if they experience symptoms such as shaking their heads, tilting their heads, folding their ears or observing frequent scratching in the ear region. A veterinarian can give certainty about a possible illness and explain the necessary treatment steps. Certain cats have an increased risk of ear mite infestation. These include strays, free-range animals and cats that have been in contact with other infected animals. After consultation with your veterinarian, you can treat these animals with various ear cleansing agents that can be purchased in stores or online. We would like to present some of these funds to you here.

Means to clean the ears of their cats

Anibio ear care for dogs and cats

This care product contains no alcohol and is particularly gentle on the ears of your dogs and cats. It can be used up to twice a day to clean and care for the external ear canal and pinna.

Ballistol animal

"Ballistol" is a kind of universal care product for pets that is not only suitable for ear cleaning, but also for wound care and the care of sensitive skin and paws. It relieves itching and is harmless to the animal even if accidentally ingested.

Beaphar ear cleaner

With its soft pipette, this product enables a particularly gentle and safe cleaning of your cat's external ear canal. The cleaner contains no alcohol and is also suitable for dogs.

BOGACARE ear cleaner

You can purchase a disinfectant, soothing and nourishing ear cleaner with the Bogacare ear cleaner. It prevents ear problems and is also suitable for the care of sensitive and susceptible cat ears. The active ingredients of the cleaner are based on lady's mantle and acetic acid clay.

cdVet Natural Products MitesEx

MilbenEx combats mite infestation in a natural way. The care spray relieves the animal's itchiness, cleans the fur and frees it from the annoying parasites so that your room tiger can quickly feel comfortable again.

An even larger selection of products for cat health can be found here.

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    13-09-2016 11:09:07

    AndreaVRupp: I have already tried Anibio, Beaphar and cdVet, several times and even the much-praised Stronghold. In the meantime, I take virgin, cold-pressed organic coconut oil and only treat the ear from the outside and the external auditory canal, since the mites cannot tolerate the lauric acid of the coconut oil. However, I still have to deal with the consequences of the mites and that requires patience, which is worthwhile because the cat no longer scratches itself so terribly. Report abuse