Mirror, mirror on the wall: who is the cutest kitten in the country?

What is sweeter than a cat? Two kittens, of course! Sometimes you just need a mirror to double the cuteness factor of the funny velvet paws. Since they do not recognize their counterpart as themselves, they allow themselves to be carried out to the funniest actions, as the videos of our personal top 3 mirror cat prove.

The little Cicero, for example, is not at all happy with himself: With cat humps and ruffled fur, he tries to frighten his reflection. But that just doesn't work out because his counterpart looks just as scary as he does. Even a targeted wipe with the small paw can't drive the enemy kitten away. What fun watching Cicero do - no wonder the video ends up in our top 3.

Red kitten in front of the mirror

The video, on the other hand, is heart-wrenching with the just seven-week-old cat boy Fynn, who does not seem to believe his eyes when he sees himself in the mirror and shrinks back, startled. The confused attacks on his reflection always end in reverse gear - until the small ball of fur loses the ground under his paws.

Most beautiful and most fearful cat at the same time

And another fluffy velvet paw has conquered our hearts: the young Carthusian cat jumps and flares that it is only a pleasure to watch her doing it. Of course, she is always on guard against ... yes, who is she? Of course, in front of yourself! That the adversary with the gray fur just can't be defeated by a surprise attack - he always has the same tricks as our cute kitten.

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