MarsCat - the world's first cat bionic robot

This is an interesting alternative for people who want a substitute for a cat's company, but don't have enough time to be able to afford a real animal.

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The Chinese company Elephant Robotics has created a robot that in a surprising way resembles a domestic cat. MarsCat is completely autonomous and behaves very much like real purring pets.

Bionic robot

How does this fake cat work? Well, the motto of the Elephant Robotics company was to create a device with bionic features. What does it mean? Bionics is the science that studies the structure and principles of operation of living organisms and their adaptation in technology. The designers managed to very accurately reproduce the real behavior and program the device in such a way that it would imitate a living cat as much as possible. In fact, this mechanical animal is controlled by a computer, but you get the impression that it thinks and feels, hears and sees.

What can MarsCat do?

Like a real cat, MarsCat can respond to simple commands such as giving a paw or coming when called. It accompanies the play, runs, stretches and even detects human touch. The robot can meow, bury the litter in the litter box - although it produces no waste - and even knead it with its paws!

He can also learn new things as the option of programming activities is open. So much is in the hands of the caregiver himself.

MarsCat has different moods

The robot also has 6 moods that can be changed: happy, energetic, aloof, lazy, outgoing, shy. His personality depends on the way you raise him. MarsCat will be more active if you spend more time on it. If you ignore him, he too can pay you back. Then you will have to earn his attention!

MarCat comes in a variety of colors, but unfortunately does not have the fluffy fur that adorns most living pets. However, this is an interesting alternative for people who want at least a substitute of cat company, but do not have enough time to be able to afford a real animal.

MarsCat is available from Kickstarter. This year it will be officially available for purchase elsewhere. It will cost around $ 1,300. Will it find buyers? Apparently, many people are already interested in it, despite the fact that many negative opinions have already been written about the robot.


Video: MarsCat: A Bionic Cat, a Home Robot (August 2021).