Adorable white giraffe in the National Park of Tanzania

The giraffe in the video is called Omo and differs from its peers by a rather striking feature: it has white fur! Omo lives in the National Park of Tanzania and has a rare genetic defect that is responsible for the white coloring.

At first glance, you might think that the image has been edited. However, everything is real - Omo, the 15-month-old giraffe, has leucism, a gene mutation that makes the fur white. The skin has no dye-forming cells (melanocytes). This is not a problem for Omo himself, since he does not suffer from it at all. Particularly nice: His peers in the National Park treat him as if he had no leucism - the skin or coat color plays no role for giraffes in dealing with each other. Some people should cut off a slice of it.

Giraffes: beautiful and fascinating giants